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Chapter 27: The Collective Will to Survive

Is the world going to survive the third world war?

I don’t have any hope, but I am hoping against hope.

There are many things to be considered.

First, perhaps it is good that it does not survive. It has become so rotten, so ugly, that if it survives and remains the same it will be worse than not surviving.

Our world is in almost the same situation as thousands of people.around the world they are just surviving because they can still breathe. In the hospitals, with all kinds of medical support, they can continue to breathe; even the breathing is not their own - they need some mechanical device to help them to continue to breathe.

Do you call that life? It is mere survival, not life - and mere survival is worse than death, because death at least opens up a new door, cleanses the old, rotten stuff. That’s really the function of death: it is a cleansing process.

Everything becomes old, rotten, dirty, and a time comes when to go on - continuing is not a joy; it is pure anguish, agony, for you and for all those who are related to you. You cannot be in any way creative - and without being creative you cannot feel any justification for your being a burden on so many people. Death will be a relief.

Perhaps our world has come to the point where surviving will be dangerous; it is better that the chapter is closed.

We have done enough stupidities.

We have done enough harm to nature, to ourselves. We have been a nuisance on the earth.

Our whole history is a history of crimes - man against man, man against nature.

What have we been doing here? Why should we be bothered to survive?

I do understand that there is a desire to continue to live, whether there is any reason or not. There is a lust for life. People go on living, knowing perfectly well that it is absolutely unnecessarily burdening the earth; that tomorrow is not going to bring any good news to you, that each day you will be deteriorating, each day you will become more rotten, each day will be more gloomy and dark. Still, there is a biological instinct to continue to live.

People live in any kinds of circumstances: they are blind, they are crippled, they are paralyzed - still they are afraid of death. I have been puzzled: what can death take from them? Life has taken almost everything, nothing is left except agony, suffering, pain. What are they going to lose? Death will be a friend, it will take away all this hell that they are living in. But no; blind, crippled, paralyzed, deaf, dumb.still somewhere some strange instinct goes on forcing them to long for life.

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