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Chapter 6: This Is It

These so-called religions go on talking about love, and all that they do in the world is create more and more hate. Christians talk about love and they have been creating wars, crusades. Mohammedans talk about love and they have been creating jihads - religious wars. Hindus talk about love, but you can look into their scriptures - they are full of hate, hate for other religions. You can study Dayanand’s so-called great book, Satyarth Prakash, and you will find hate on each page, in each sentence. And these books are thought to be spiritual books.

And we accept all this nonsense! And we accept it without any resistance, because we have been conditioned to accept these things, we have been taught that this is how things are. And then you go on denying your own nature.

Just the other day I was reading a joke:

A woman was confessing - she was a nun - she was confessing to the mother superior, crying, tears rolling down her cheeks; she looked tremendously disturbed. And she was saying, “I have committed a sin - something unforgivable. This man entered into my room last night, and I was alone. And at the point of a revolver he made love to me. He gave me only two alternatives: ‘Either die or make love to me.’ I am ruined!” she was saying. “My whole life is ruined!”

The mother superior said, “Don’t get so disturbed, don’t get so worried - God’s compassion is infinite. And it is said in the old scriptures that a man is allowed to do anything if it is a question of survival - except spitting on the Bible. A man is allowed to do anything if it is a question of survival, and it was a question of survival for you. So don’t be worried - you are forgiven!”

But the woman remained disturbed and started crying again and said, “No. It won’t help!”

The mother superior said, “Why won’t it help?”

And the nun looked up and she said, “Because I liked it.”

You can deny nature but you cannot destroy it. It remains somewhere in the deepest recesses of your being, alive. And that’s the only hope.

Love has been poisoned, but not destroyed. The poison can be thrown out, out of your system - you can be cleansed. You can vomit all that the society has enforced upon you. You can drop all your beliefs and all your conditionings - you can be free. The society cannot keep you a slave forever if you decide to be free.

That’s what sannyas is all about.

Zareen, it is time - now become a sannyasin. It is time to drop out of all old patterns and start a new way of life, a natural way of life, a nonrepressive way of life, a life not of renunciation but of rejoicing.

Ordinarily, if you look at human beings, love is impossible, only hate is possible. But the space that I am creating here is totally different: here love is the only possibility. Hate will become more and more impossible. Hate is the polar opposite of love - in the sense that illness is the polar opposite of health. But you need not choose illness.

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