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Chapter 19: A Technique for the Intellectual and a Technique for the Feeling Type

That is why so many people come to me and say they have come to meditate, but when they start meditating they become more tense. They say, “We were not so tense before and we were not so worried before. Ordinarily the whole day we are not so much worried, but when we sit down quietly and start meditating, thoughts rush upon us; they crowd in.” That is something new so they think it is because of meditation that thoughts are crowding them.

It is not because of meditation. Thoughts are crowding you every moment of your existence, but you are so occupied outwardly, you cannot be conscious of it. Whenever you sit down you become conscious, you become conscious of something you have been escaping constantly. Mind, minding, is a process, and a process is an effort. Energy is wasted in it, dissipated in it. It is necessary; it is needed for life, it is part of the struggle for survival. It is a weapon - and one of the most violent weapons.

That is why man could survive over other animals. The animals are more strong physically, but they lack a subtle weapon - minding. They have dangerous teeth, dangerous nails; they are more powerful than man; they can instantly kill a man completely. But they lack one weapon - minding. Because of that weapon, man could kill, survive.

So the mind is a survival measure. It is needed; it is necessary, and it is violent. The mind is violent, it is part of the long violence man has had to pass through. It has been built through violence. So whenever you sit down, you will feel inner violence - thoughts rushing, violent thoughts, a turmoil, as if you are going to explode. That is why no one wants to sit silently.

Everyone comes and says, “Give me some support, some inner support. I cannot just sit silently. Give me a name that I can repeat like ‘Ram Ram Ram.’ Give me a name that I can repeat; then I can be silent.” Really, what are you doing? You are creating a new occupation. Then you can be silent because the mind is still occupied. Now you are focused on “Ram Ram Ram.” on chanting; the mind is still not unoccupied. The mind as a process is bound to be always ill; it cannot be so balanced as silence needs.

Thirdly, mind is created from without. When you are born you have just the capacity for mind, but no mind - just a possibility, a potentiality. So if a child is brought up without society, without a society, the child will grow, he will have a body, but not a mind. He will not be able to speak any language; he will not be able to think in concepts. He will be like any animal.

Society trains your capacity into an actuality, it gives you a mind. That is why a Hindu has a certain mind and a Mohammedan has a different mind. Both are men, but their minds are different. A Christian has a different mind. These minds are different because different societies have cultivated them with different purposes, different goals.

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