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Chapter 5: Living in the Heart

It happened like this with Jesus, it happened like this with Krishna. The same has happened with every master. Where is the sound of the flute in a Krishna temple now? Where is the beat of the drum in a Krishna temple? Man weaves a strange trap; he will even create a bondage out of his emancipators. But it is fortunate that in spite of all of our planning, in spite of all of our organizations and systems, someone blossoms: somewhere a lotus blooms, somewhere a fragrance begins to fly towards the sky, somewhere the notes of prayer are heard again, somewhere life returns again to its ecstasy.

These taverns do not close, the taverns will never close.
Moths themselves become candles of trust,
Burning themselves up, laughing, smiling.
The moths will never be captives
In the dark houses of superstition.

It is good that the moths will not be contained by the darkness of blind beliefs. They are eager to be burned. And if they don’t find candles, they become the candles themselves. Moths themselves will become candles if there are no candles burning. But moths will not be captives of any superstition.

This earth is filled with the darkness of blind belief. And this belief is so ancient that it seems that life itself is a belief. Do you believe in God? Then you are a blind believer. You will have to know God - nothing will happen through believing. Belief is very cheap: belief is not worth two cents. One who believes is irreligious. God has to be known; anything less than knowing will not do. But to know you must gather courage; to know, the moth must become a burning candle; to know, you must sacrifice your life as an offering; to know, life has to be put at stake.

Religion is not for the curious, religion is not merely an itch on the skin - religion is a gambling with life. This is why only a few courageous people have become religious. Religion is not for the fearful, it is not for cowards. Cowards become escapists. Religion is for those who accept the challenges in this war of life in their totality, who live life, who live life completely, who don’t escape, who don’t become afraid, who are not trembling. It is for those who brace their feet and take on the struggles of life. From this very struggle the soul is born. In these very challenges the soul ripens, the being is strengthened.

The sutras of Gorakh can make your life into a wine bar. The sutras of Gorakh can make you a moth - and such a moth that if it doesn’t find a flame it will become a flame itself. These sutras are marvelous. Immerse yourself in each sutra, drink it, let each sutra fill the cup of your heart.

Live in the heart, not saying the secret,
Speak nectar-soaked words.
If others become fire, O avadhut, you become water.

Live in the heart.Right now you are living on the outside, you don’t yet know the art of living within. This is why you are unhappy. One who is outside is unhappy, one who is inside is happy. One who is outside is in hell, one who is inside is in heaven. Living outside means living in desires: gathering money, attaining power, fame, achieving prestige, respect. Living outside means you will be happy only if you get something. Living inside means you already have that from which happiness comes.

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