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Chapter 7: The Secret of Awareness

The Eastern mystics use the metaphor of the swan for man. Kabir says: Hansa karo puratan bat. Swan, it would be good if we remember the primordial days, the days when you had not left the home yet. It would be good if we remember the home.

Swan, I would like you to tell me your whole story!

Tell me your whole story! But if somebody asks you what story you have to tell, birth seems to be the beginning - which it is not - and death seems to be the end - which it is not. Birth and death, both are episodes in your long life, and they have happened millions of times.

The true story can begin only when you remember your real home, from where you come. And the real story can never end, because the real story is not only your story - it is the story of consciousness, of evolving consciousness, of evolution. It is not only your story - it is existence’s story. There is no beginning and there is no end.

Once you become full of this nostalgia for the origins, then you will be surprised that you have become aware of the goal too - because the origin is the goal, the source is the goal. We have to go to the same space from where we come, then the circle is perfect. And in that perfection is beauty, in that perfection is blessing, that perfection is benediction.

Swan, I’d like you to tell me your whole story!

Only a buddha can tell his whole story, only one who has become totally awakened. You can talk about your dreams, but that is not your story. You are dreaming, desiring, thinking, but you know nothing. And the less you know, the more you believe in your dreams - because one has to keep oneself occupied. The less you know, the more you desire - just to avoid your inner ignorance and emptiness. You rush in all directions; you go on rushing, you don’t give yourself a little rest, because the rest seems to be explosive, dangerous.

And rest is meditation. Finding at least one or two hours out of the hustle and bustle of life, sitting silently doing nothing, you may start moving inwards, you may start remembering something, the origins - because deep down the memory of where you come from is still there. You may have forgotten it but it is there, maybe covered with rubbish, all kinds of rubbish, but that rubbish can be removed.

That’s what meditation is all about: removing the rubbish - of thoughts, memories, dreams, desires, imaginations. And if you can remove all this rubbish that your head has gathered, your heart will start remembering. And once the source is remembered, the goal is known - because, let me repeat, the source is the goal. We have to reach the same place from where we come.

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