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Chapter 20: Manufacturing Enlightenment

Adolf Hitler got the idea of Aryans from India. He got the symbol - the swastika on his flag - from India. It is an Indian symbol, one of the most ancient symbols of India, and the word aryan is Indian. And certainly, basically all the Europeans have come from the same race as the Indians. It is proved by their languages, because all these languages - German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish - all have their roots in Sanskrit. From thirty percent to seventy percent of their words are derived from Sanskrit roots. That simply means that originally all these people have come from the same stock.

So Germans are Aryans - but the idea that Aryans are the chosen ones also comes from India. That’s why there was a great sympathy in India for Adolf Hitler - for two reasons: India was against the British because they had been enslaving it for three centuries, exploiting it; and now Adolf Hitler was promising that India was the homeland of the Aryans. So one of the greatest Indian leaders, Subhash Chandra, escaped from India and reached Germany; and Adolf Hitler had never received and welcomed anybody else like Subhash. And he was nobody; he had escaped from a British jail.

What Adolf Hitler had said, receiving Subhash Chandra, is worth remembering. He said, “I am the leader of a small group of Aryans. This man, Subhash Chandra, comes from the original Aryan home. I represent only a small fragment; he represents the whole Aryan race. Give him the respect that he deserves.” It was Adolf Hitler who sent Subhash to Japan to persuade them to attack from the other side.

The idea that you are special needs some way to be proved, and argumentation is a very sophisticated way to prove it. The sword is not a very sophisticated way to prove that you are true, but argument is. It looks very cultured, but deep down the game is the same - just the same ego, the same trip. It is unfortunate that in India no Socrates happened.

I have been meeting these world teachers, and they have become so settled with the idea of their being world teachers - now it is inherited. When one shankaracharya dies he writes a will for somebody else to succeed him. That one becomes a world teacher.not even defeating a single person in debate. I have been discussing with many of these world teachers. They have completely forgotten what argument is.

I am reminded: I came in conflict with one jagatguru, with one world teacher - that was my first conflict with a shankaracharya - in a world religious conference. He was telling a simple story, a very simple story which I had used many times before. And I have nothing against the story; the story is beautiful and significant to explain a certain truth. But it was not a question of truth; it was the way he was speaking - that he was the world teacher..

He told the story.the story you may have heard: ten blind men crossed a river holding each other’s hands. When they reached the other side of the river one of them said, “It is better to count. We are blind. Somebody may have been left in the river - the current was strong. Somebody may have gone with the river, so let us count.”

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