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Chapter 5: From Nothing to Nothing

Non-memory is convention’s truth
and mind which has become no-mind is ultimate truth.
This is fulfillment, this is the highest good. Friends, of this highest good become aware.

In non-memory is mind absorbed;
just this is emotionality perfect and pure. It is unpolluted by the good or bad of worldliness
like a lotus unaffected by
the mud from which it grows.

Yet with certainty must all things
be viewed as if they were
a magic spell..
If without distinction you can accept or reject samsara or nirvana,
steadfast is your mind, free from the shroud of darkness.
In you will be self-being, beyond thought and self-originated.

This world of appearance
has from its radiant beginning
never come to be; unpatterned,
it has discarded patterning.
As such it is continuous and unique meditation; it is non-mentation,
stainless contemplation,
and no-mind.

An ancient scene.it must have been a morning like this. The trees were dancing in the morning sun and the birds were singing. And the house of a great mystic of those days, Udallaka, was celebrating the coming back of his son, Swetketu, from the house of the master where he had been sent to study.

Swetketu comes. The father receives him at the door, but feels that something is missing; something is missing in Swetketu, and something is present which should not be present - a subtle arrogance, a subtle ego. That was the last thing the father was waiting for.

In those ancient days education was basically the education of the non-ego. A student was sent to the forest university to live with the master so that he could dissolve himself and have a taste of existence. Rumors had been coming that Swetketu had become a great scholar. There were rumors that he had won the greatest award. And now he came, and Udallaka was not happy.

Yes, he has brought the greatest award that the university could have conferred. He has passed all the examinations, he has obtained the highest degree, and he comes loaded with much knowledge. But something is missing, and the father’s eyes are full of tears. Swetketu could not understand it. He said, “Is something wrong? Why are you unhappy?” And the father said, “One question: have you learned that one, by learning which everything is known, and by forgetting which all knowledge is futile, meaningless, just a burden - not a help, but a harm?”

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