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Chapter 33: You Are My Fellow Travellers

I would like you to accept me as an ordinary human being. I don’t want to be a leader, I don’t want you to be led. I simply want to dance amongst you, completely lost.

You need not be afraid of me. All the followers of Jesus Christ were afraid of him, Buddha’s followers were afraid of him - because these people have been continuously nagging their disciples. I think if Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavira, Zarathustra, Krishna had been housewives, the world would have been far better. They would have nagged only one man, not the whole of humanity. I hate nagging!

When I was a child and lived in a very small village where no train passes, no buses reach, my grandfather had a beautiful white horse. I used that white horse for roaming around the town, going along the river, going around the big lake. Slowly, slowly the horse started feeling some synchronicity with me. He started feeling when I wanted to return. But I never nagged even that horse. If he wanted to go north, I said, “Okay.” If he wanted to go around the lake, I said, “Okay, you decide, but I am not going to nag you against your wishes.”

And it was a strange thing, that he always went to the place where I wanted to go. Between his consciousness and mine, something must have been transpiring. There was a communion without words. And if a horse can go to the place where I want, without my nagging and forcing him to go there, certainly.even if I am amongst you, don’t be afraid. All that is needed is not a superman to lead you, but a man with whom you can have a synchronicity. A subtle vibe of love joins you and me, and it will do miracles.

I have been receiving letters from sannyasins: “It feels tremendously beautiful to see you as a human being just like us, but still somewhere I want you to be extraordinary, not ordinary. I want you to be higher than your disciples.” Why?

My being higher simply makes it difficult to communicate. That’s why all these people have failed. Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Confucius, Lao Tzu - they all have failed, for a simple reason: they were there sitting on the clouds, and you were crawling on the earth. What communication is possible? They maintained the distance; it was the fulfillment of their egos. And you stupidly wanted your prophet’s cloud to be higher than those of other prophets. But do you know what it means? It means your communication with your leader, prophet, messiah, is even more difficult.

All the religions have been trying to prove they are higher. Buddhists say, “Buddha is higher than Jesus, than Moses, then Mahavira.” And the other people are doing the same. I am starting a new history as far as enlightenment is concerned. The closer I am to you, holding your hand and dancing, the more is the possibility of communication.

I am going to wake you, because I am so close to you. If I can dance with you, you cannot remain asleep long; it is risky for you and your sleep! If I can drink a little champagne with you, then our hearts can melt into each other.

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