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Chapter 5: The Meeting of Sun and Moon

The woman said, “I always think that my beauty - my body, my face, my eyes - and your intelligence, both will make a beautiful child. It will be a beautiful gift to the world.”

Bernard Shaw laughed and said, “Wait. It could be just otherwise: it may have your intelligence, which means nothing, and it may have my beauty, which is almost ugliness. The child could be just the other way.”

The male mind always goes on dissecting.

Jung reports in his memoirs that he was sitting with Freud, and that day he suddenly felt a great strain in his stomach, and he felt as if something was going to happen, and suddenly there was a sort of explosion in the cupboard. Both became alert. What had happened? Jung said, “It has something to do with my energy.” Freud laughed and scoffed and said, “Nonsense, how can it have anything to do with your energy?” Jung said, “Wait, within a minute it will come again” because he again felt his stomach getting strained. And within a minute - exactly within a minute - there was another explosion.

Now this is the feminine mind. And Jung writes in his memoirs, “Since that day, Freud never trusted me.” This is dangerous because it is illogical. And Jung started to think about a new theory he calls “synchronicity.”

The theory that is the base of all scientific effort is causality - everything is joined with cause and effect. Whatsoever happens has a cause, and if you can produce the cause, the effect will follow. If you heat water it will evaporate. Heating is the cause: bring it to a hundred degrees and it will evaporate. Evaporation is an effect. This is the scientific base.

Jung says there is another principle, which is “synchronicity.” It is difficult to explain it because all explanations are from the scientific mind, but you can try to feel what he means. If you make two clocks so similar that they are synchronized with each other: when on one clock the hand comes to twelve, the other clock chimes the twelve bells. One clock simply moves, shows the time; the other clock chimes - eleven, twelve, one, two. Anybody listening to it will be surprised because the first clock is not the cause of the second chiming. They are in no way related. It is only that the maker, the watchmaker, has synchronized them in such a way that something happens in one, and simultaneously something else happens in the other. They are not connected by any cause and effect.

Jung says just by the side of causality there is another principle. The maker of the world, if there is any, has made the world in such a way that many things happen, which are not cause and effect. You see a woman and suddenly love flowers. Now is this to be explained by cause and effect or by synchronicity? Jung seems to be more accurate and closer to the truth. The woman has not caused the love in you, you have not caused the love in the woman, but man and woman, or the energy of sun and moon, have been made in such a way that when they come close love flowers. It is synchronicity.

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