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Chapter 19: Hell Hath No Fury like a Christian Scorned

And that’s what he did. He changed the statement, put a star on it, and in the footnote with the star he wrote, This is what I believe as a Christian. But as far as reality is concerned, the earth goes around the sun. About that I cannot do anything because I am just an ordinary man. It is not within my powers.” That footnote - from where does it come? And the change of statement - from where does it come? There are two persons certainly in Galileo, but he is not capable of seeing this split.

Every believer is bound to be split.

There is no way to avoid it because the moment you believe in something you have decided not to listen to reason any longer.

But it is reason which finds facts, realities, indubitable truths.

So what are you going to do? Either you destroy your rationality completely - that’s why these people, these Bible-bashing Christians, shout and go on talking; they won’t even give you a chance to speak. You may be speaking - they go on reading from the Bible and flipping the pages. They don’t care whether you are listening, whether you are questioning something, whether you are asking something, whether you are saying something, no. This whole thing shows their fear that if they really listen to you, they know what they have repressed in themselves: By their belief they have repressed their own reason, and your reason can call up their reason.

There is a certain synchronicity.. This law has to be understood, the law of synchronicity. This is the only contribution of Carl Gustav Jung to the modern world. It is something that is not yet scientifically verifiable, but still it can be understood quite reasonably.

For example, sometimes seeing a stranger, for no visible reason you suddenly feel a tremendous surge of lovingness, or hatred, or anger, or compassion. It seems to be that something between you and him has transpired without any physical traces being behind it. Perhaps it was just in the vibe. It means that one man’s energy is quite capable of arousing a similar type of energy in the other man, so that they both start vibrating in the same climate of feeling.

Carl Gustav Jung came upon it very accidentally. He had two old grandfather clocks. They both stood by the same wall and they always kept the same time. They were very old and they were not expected to have such accuracy. Jung changed the time of one clock to be half an hour slow, and the other to be half an hour fast. But within twenty-four hours they had come back to exactly the same time. It was mysterious and puzzling, but he thought that perhaps subtle vibrations from both clocks helped them to come to a synchronicity.

That accidental discovery Jung tried on human beings, and it proved really to be a profound revelation. He showed that there is a certain law which is not yet known to science - perhaps we’re not yet capable of finding instruments subtle enough to check it, but it is perfectly reasonable and there are hundreds of facts which will prove it. For example, if you are very loving towards a person, you need not even say to him that “I love you” - because in fact that is needed only when you do not love. That statement, “I love you,” is required by a husband, by a wife, at least three, four times a day - the more the better.

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