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Chapter 2: Empty Eyes

You cannot go to the scientist to dissect the rose and find whether it contains beauty or not - it does not contain it. The beauty is not contained in the rose. The beauty is from the beyond, it simply dances on the rose: those who have eyes, they will see; those who don’t have eyes, they will not see. You can take the rose to the chemist - he will dissect it, he will find everything that is in the rose - but beauty is not in the rose. The rose was just an occasion for beauty to descend from the beyond. The rose was just a screen for beauty to play upon it. The rose was just a stage for the drama to happen. It is not the drama itself. You take the rose away, you dissect the rose, you cut it into pieces, you find all the constituents - but beauty is not a constituent of the rose, although without the rose the beauty cannot descend.

It is just like the sun rises in the morning and the rays are dancing on the lotus pond. You don’t see the rays themselves, you can’t see. That’s what The Secret of the Golden Flower says: You can’t see essence, you can’t see life; all that you see are only consequences.

Have you ever seen light itself? No, you have never seen it. If you think you have seen light itself, you have not thought about it, you have not pondered over it. You have seen lighted things, you have not seen light itself. You have seen the lighted pond, you have seen the lighted lotus, you have seen the lighted face of your woman or man or your child. You have seen the lighted world, but have you seen the light itself? If there is nothing for the light to play upon, you will not be able to see it.

That’s why the moment the astronauts go away from the Earth, even in the daytime, the sky is dark, utterly dark, because you cannot see light itself and there is nothing there for the light to play upon. Hence the infinite sky is dark. You see light on the stars because stars become the playground for the light, but surrounding the stars it is all darkness because there is nothing to obstruct the light. And unless light is obstructed you cannot see it.

You cannot see enlightenment, you can see only the consequence of it. You cannot see what has happened to me, but you can see something has happened; something like X. There is no need to call it enlightenment either, just X will do. Something mysterious has happened. And the more you feel me the more you will become aware of it, and the more you become aware of it something inside you will start responding to it. What has happened to me can trigger a process in you. It cannot be the cause of your enlightenment, remember. Your enlightenment will not be the effect of my enlightenment. There is no cause/effect relationship between the master and the disciple; there is a totally different kind of relationship.

Just in this century, Carl Gustav Jung was able to penetrate into the mystery of that different kind of relationship. He calls it “synchronicity.” Cause and effect is a scientific relationship, synchronicity is a poetic relationship. By synchronicity what is meant is that if something has happened somewhere and you become available to it, you remain vulnerable to it, something can start responding in you parallel to it. But it has not been the cause of it, it cannot cause it.

It is just like somebody is playing beautiful music and a great desire arises in you to dance: it is not caused by the music, it is a parallel response in you. Something that was fast asleep in you - the energy to dance - has been hit; not caused, just hit, provoked, inspired. It is synchronicity. If it is a cause then it will happen to everybody.

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