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Chapter 16: The Future Is Always Open

Prem Arup

Osho Times, Amsterdam, Netherlands

You once said, “Holland will be one of my most orange countries.” Why is that so?

You can already see it happening. It needs guts to be my red people, and Holland is one of the countries which has existed all through history with tremendous struggle, because the earth level is low and the sea level is higher. Holland has been continuously fighting against the ocean, and it has given a certain strength to the people. Only those who have strength to stand with me can belong to the red commune around the world. Holland is certainly going to be my country. My people are continuously growing in Holland.

You will be surprised to know the fact that when the theosophical movement decided to declare J. Krishnamurti as the world teacher, Holland was the country chosen for the declaration. Six thousand topmost leaders of the Theosophical Society had gathered there in Holland.

Out of all the countries, why Holland? There is something very essential that the Dutch people have grown within them; somebody just needs to trigger it. J. Krishnamurti chickened out, could not take that great responsibility. I can take any responsibility without any problem, because basically I am an irresponsible man - it does not matter.

But the Dutch people have grown something in them down the centuries which can have a synchronicity with me; the same with the German people. Germany cannot remain without becoming red, because they have been through two wars which would have destroyed anybody forever; but if you go to Germany now, you cannot believe that this country has survived two world wars - not only survived, but is now the richest country in Europe. They have some guts.

I cannot say the same about the French, they are simply lousy. There is no possibility for France; it is doomed, it has no spiritual corner in its being. Yes, a few French people will be coming, those who still have the soul alive in them. But about the whole country this cannot be said. Every country grows in different ways on different lines and gathers a different kind of energy. One of the reasons Gurdjieff failed and could not help humanity was that he chose France to be his headquarters. Germany would have been of much significance, Holland would have been better, but not France.

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