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Chapter 26: Session 26

I can understand it. I could not fit in with anything. Whatsoever they taught me was so mediocre that I had to fight against it. I had to tell them, “This is very mediocre..” Now, you can imagine saying this to a professor who had been hoping that you would appreciate his lecture - which he has been preparing for days - and at the end of it a student stands up.. And I was a strange student, to say the least.

The first thing to be remembered is that I had long hair; and that long hair had an even longer history. I will come to it some day in some circle. That is the beauty of going in circles. You can come to the same point again and again, on a different level - like going round and round toward the peak of a mountain: you come to the same view many times, on different levels. Each time is a little different because you are not standing in the same spot, but still the view is the same, perhaps more beautiful, perhaps far more beautiful, because you can see more..

I will come to this point sometime, but not today..

What is the time?

“One minute past eight, Osho.”

Good. Just moisten my lips.

Today particularly I wanted to say that attention is a double-edged sword - double-edged because it cuts both the listener and the speaker. It also joins them together. It is a very significant process. Gurdjieff had the right word for it, crystallization.

If a man is really attentive, it does not matter what to - to XYZ, to anything - in that very process of being attentive he will become integrated, crystallized. By focusing himself on one thing he will become focused within his being.

But that is only half the story; the person who is listening attentively certainly attains crystallization. It is a well-known fact in all the Eastern schools of meditation. Just being attentive to anything, even nonsense, will do; just a bottle of Coca-Cola will help immensely, particularly the Americans. Just looking at the bottle of Coca-Cola attentively, and you have the secret of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s transcendental meditation. But it is only half the truth, and a half truth can be more dangerous than a complete lie.

The other half is possible only if you are not just reading a book, or chanting a mantra, or looking at a statue; the other half is possible only if you are in deep synchronicity with a living person. I am not calling it love, because that can misguide you; not even friendship, because you will think you know it already. I will call it “synchronicity,” just so you have to think about it and give it a little of your being.

When you feel really attentive, synchronicity happens. It may be just a sunset you are watching, or just a flower, or children playing on a lawn and you are enjoying their joyousness.but a certain harmony is needed. If it happens, there is attention. If it happens between a master and a disciple, then certainly you have the most precious diamond possible in your hands.

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