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Chapter 19: Rabbis and Rubbish!

If you want to live really peacefully, joyously, each moment paradise is possible. Just a little understanding.

In all these years, many people came to you, many have left again. You once said that if two percent of the world’s population start to meditate this world would be saved. Will your sannyasins and friends be enough to turn the wheel around?

People only come to me, nobody can leave me. He can go away.but he will have to carry me in his heart, because it is not something that can be broken, it is not a bondage that you can be free of. It is pure love.

You can be with me, you can be far away from me, you can start thinking that you have left me; but I have never seen a single person who has been with me that has ever left me. It is impossible - because he comes through his mind, but while he is here he starts synchronizing with my heart. He can leave with his mind, but what about the synchronicity that has happened between my heart and his heart? That will remain with him wherever he goes - and that is the real thing. His being with me or not with me does not matter.

And yes, I can say to you that I have enough people right now to prevent a nuclear war in the world. Nuclear war is not going to happen. In spite of stubborn and adamant people like Ronald Reagan, it is not going to happen. They are piling up nuclear weapons; we are also doing something. We are piling up more consciousness, more love, more ecstasy; these are invisible weapons they cannot see. But I can say with absolute authority that I have enough people to prevent the nuclear war. There is not going to be any nuclear war.

Man is finished with wars. We are going to enter into a new era of peace. Up to now there has never been peace. History can be divided only into two periods: war, and preparation for war. But peace has never existed. Nuclear weapons have proved a blessing in disguise because they have changed the whole phenomenon of war itself. A war is meaningful only if somebody wins and somebody else is defeated; it is an ego game. But nuclear weapons have destroyed the whole game. Now nobody can win and nobody can be defeated; everybody will be destroyed. War loses all point: if it means a global suicide then it is not going to happen. The politicians may continue to talk about it; they will continue to talk about it, because their power over people is because of war. If it becomes certain that war is impossible, then who cares about the politicians and their nuclear weapons. They will go on talking about possible war, summit meetings, new propositions - but all that is now absolutely meaningless. They are not aware that something else is happening on the side. Perhaps unconsciously they are.

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