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Chapter 10: Bliss Beyond All Duality

Words are meant to be for the mundane life of the market place. You cannot use them in love, you cannot use them in prayer, and you cannot use them whenever and wherever the unknown is felt. When you come to the boundary of the known and the unknown, words start disappearing from you like dead leaves falling from the tree. And a totally new experience evolves: a wordless experience.

You are asking the question because you must be feeling a little frightened. It is frightening, because in love you will not be in control any longer. It is frightening, because in love the ego will disappear. It is frightening because you will have to die. Love requires that much sacrifice. But it is worth it because through death, there is resurrection.

Die in love, and you will be born as love. And you will never again be the same, and the world will be totally different. The same world will be so full of godliness if you are full of love. I teach love, love is my message. But the way to teach it is not by talking about it. I exist here as love, and that becomes a catalytic agent and something is triggered in you, and something starts growing in you - you become pregnant.

And when a woman for the first time becomes pregnant she is very afraid, and she feels many pains and many agonies, and the weight. And something so totally new is happening: she does not know where she is going and what is going to happen. A new life is being born.

In love, you become pregnant. A new spirit is being born, and in the beginning it is heavy. And in the beginning, it is so new that you would like to escape from it. But never escape love, because love is the temple of godliness. When it happens let it happen, help it to happen. Even if you have to die and disappear into it, die and disappear. Accept the challenge, rise to the challenge. And for the first time you will have something valuable in your life, something of the divine fragrance.

But I cannot answer why you have fallen in love. I am in love with existence; I am in the state of love. It must have created some parallel phenomenon in you. It must be something not like cause and effect, but what Carl Gustav Jung has called “the law of synchronicity.”

It is said that, if in a small room you play on one sitar and another sitar is just put in the corner of the room, when you start playing on one sitar the other sitar will start responding. It will vibrate; its strings will start dancing. You are playing on one sitar, the other is not even touched, but your playing on the sitar.and something has moved in the other sitar. It is not a cause and effect relationship, it is synchronicity.

I am love, if you come close to me, something will start dancing in your heart. Allow it. Your society is against it, your education is against it; your very life up to now has been against it. It will be difficult to take the first steps but those steps have to be taken, otherwise you will miss the glory of existence, the splendor of existence.

Splendors are revealed only to lovers. A real disciple is in love.

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