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Chapter 6: Expectation Breeds Frustration

He closed his eyes.and then opened them laughing. He said, “Sharda, call all the disciples in who have made you their mouthpiece, because I remembered and I told her. And she said, ‘Ramakrishna, you have been using this throat for so many years. Now you have so many throats, your disciples, your lovers - why can’t you eat through their throats, why can’t you drink through their throats? Why cling to this body? Why not spread into everybody’s body who loves you, who will welcome you in the silences of his heart?’”

There was great silence, there was nothing to say.

Milarepa, you hear my music; that music comes from the beyond. I cannot claim any monopoly, any copyright on it. And you want to see my guitar - just look at your guitar, just look at your hands. In deep love a synchronicity happens. You start doing things which my deepest being wanted to do, but I don’t know music; I cannot even recognize which is a guitar and which is a harmonium and which is a saxophone.

I have never been a singer, not even a bathroom singer. I have lived in many houses in this country with many friends, and many times people have asked, “At least we were thinking you will be singing in the bathroom, but you don’t sing?”

I don’t know singing.I am a song. I don’t know singing - you will have to sing in me. You will have to allow yourself to be totally available to me.

You can dance and it will be my dance.

You can sing and it will be my song.

You can play on instruments, but your fingers will be in synchronicity with me, and I am in synchronicity with the whole. So it is just formal to say that you are my songs, that you are my music. I am just a small passage; the beyond comes through me to your eyes. And because it is of the beyond it has a tremendous capacity to transform you.

I have not said a single word to you on my own; hence I can claim originality in the literal sense of the word. Ordinarily originality means nobody else has said it, only I am saying it; that is using the word wrongly. Originality should mean it is coming from the origins.origins of life, origins of love, origins of existence.

And you are asking, “And a few sutras for me too.”

Milarepa, that is not your business. Devageet has gone mad contemplating on transdental medication. You are already crazy, you can go far - Devageet you can leave far behind - so I am a little worried about you. But whatever has to be, has to be. These are a few sutras for you:

.If your neighbor does you harm, just buy each of his children a drum.

.All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and the success is sure.

.Sex is what happens between a man and a woman before they get to know each other.

.Reality is what your mother thinks you ought to live in.

.You know you are getting old when the girls at the office start confiding in you.

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