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Chapter 22: Session 22

I was just going to say “okay,” but no. One day I said it lightly, just to be polite, and suffered much. Then everything went wrong. So now I’m going to say okay only when it is really okay, otherwise silence is better..


I am reminded again of poor Sigmund Freud. He was waiting in his office for a rich, and of course Jewish, patient. How can you be rich without being a Jew? And psychoanalysis is the greatest business that any Jew ever founded. They missed Jesus, they could not afford to miss Sigmund Freud. Of course he is no comparison.

Freud was waiting and waiting, walking up and down his room. The patient was really rich, and psychoanalysis is treatment which goes on for years, unless the patient finds a far more articulate Jew, but he never gets out of the vicious circle.

Freud looked again and again at his gold watch, and then at the last moment, when he was really thinking of giving up, the patient appeared. His big car appeared on the horizon, and Freud was, of course, furious. Finally the car came to his porch, the Jew got out, and when he entered the office Sigmund Freud was really angry because he was fifty seconds late.

Freud said, “It’s good that I heard your car at the porch at the right time, otherwise I was going to begin the session alone.”

It is a professional joke. Only those who are in the profession of psychoanalysis will understand it. I will have to explain it to you because none of you is a psychoanalyst. The joke is that Freud said, “I would have started even without you” - without the patient. Do you see the point? Let me be clearer, the joke has to be put aside. At a certain point, I have to begin.

Exactly at the time to say “okay” I’ll say it, and not like Sigmund Freud, fully knowing the joke. Still, I cannot disappoint you. This is only an introductory note; now we take up the unending story.

Yes, it is unending. How can it end before I end? Somebody else will have to write the afterword. I cannot write it. Please excuse me for that; but I am preparing my people - Devageet, Devaraj, Ashu, this trinity will do it. And remember, in my trinity there is a woman who will keep both the fellows fighting forever. But still they will manage to write the afterword. If they cannot manage, then Ashu can let them fight, and meanwhile she herself can write it.

This morning, by the way, I referred to Carl Gustav Jung’s word synchronicity. I don’t like the man, but I like the word that he introduced. For that he should be given all possible credit. In no other language is there a word like synchronicity, because it is an invented word, invented by Carl Gustav Jung.

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