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Chapter 19: Belief Is a Dirty Word

It is man’s prerogative, his privilege. The question mark is your dignity. You are the only one on the earth who can ask a question.

The parents are afraid. The priests are afraid. The politicians are afraid. All the vested interests are afraid because they don’t know the answer either.

But the parents have to pretend before the child. It is against their ego.they cannot say, “We do not know. You will have to inquire. We have been inquiring, we have not found any answer yet. If, by the way, you can find the answer first, please inform us. Or if we find it first, we will inform you. But right now, we are both in the same boat.”

But no parent has proved so loving, so compassionate. The child asks, “Who has created the world?” Nobody knows, but the parents cannot accept ignorance. That will be a kind of humiliation. They say with certainty, “God created the world.” They even give the date, the time, the year, when God created the world, how he created the world.

The child is innocent, a tabula rasa, a slate; you can write anything on him. And he trusts you, he loves you. Love cannot distrust.

These are the complexities of life. Love cannot distrust, and you are the most intimate, the most close. You are bringing up the child. He depends on you. The human child is the most helpless child in the whole of existence. You should understand that.

In my garden.I used to think there were one hundred peacocks. Now Mukta has informed me, “You are continuously making a wrong statement. There are three hundred peacocks.”

Six small kids have lost track of their mothers. And, of course, in peacocks you cannot find a Mother Teresa. Peacocks don’t care about Nobel Prizes. So those six orphans hang out with each other. And they are growing! They have not bothered about the fact that the mother is lost, although it would have been easier for them to grow in the protection of the mother.

But the human child is so helpless, so weak, he cannot survive without the mother and the father. This helplessness has been exploited. It hurts that parents are doing it to their own children. Perhaps they don’t know what they are doing. Their intentions are not suspect, but their actions are stupid.

They think they are giving the child the right answer. And by the time the child is grown up enough, he is full of garbage: the Bible, the Koran, the Gita, Krishna, Buddha, Christ. And for a long time he has been conditioned and programmed. This is the ugliest crime against an innocent, helpless child. You have killed him. You have destroyed his curiosity, you have murdered his inquiry. Now he will live with all this garbage his whole life. And he will believe that this is knowledge.

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