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Chapter 10: Not to Be in the Mind Is Everything

And all philosophers have been doing that and all theologians have been doing that. The great thinkers are doing nothing but playing games with words. Using the mind to look for reality is delusion. Mind cannot know reality. It is something like: if you want to hear music with the eyes, you will not be able to, because eyes are not meant to hear. Or if you want to see the light through the ears you will not be able to, because ears are not meant to see the light. Ears are meant for sound, eyes are meant for light. They each have a certain dimension of functioning.

Mind’s functioning is to create thoughts, dreams, imaginations, illusions, hallucinations, mirages of all kinds. Its function is not to find the reality.

Not using the mind to look for reality is awareness.

Not using the mind is the way to find reality. Becoming utterly silent, without any thought, just a clean slate, a tabula rasa - in that clarity, in that perceptivity, one comes to know what is real, both within and without, because the reality is one.

It is the mind that divides it into within and without. When the mind is withdrawn, the division is dropped. Then you are the reality; then, even the farthest star is connected with you and even the smallest blade of grass is connected with you. It is all one existence. Suddenly you are no longer separate, you have fallen into the whole. All the walls have disappeared between you and existence.

This experience in the Upanishads, the seers have declared as aham brahmasmi - I am God. It was not out of an ego; it was out of utter humbleness. But what can be done? The moment mind disappears you are one with the whole. It has to be said.

Freeing oneself from words is liberation.

In a small statement there are hidden scriptures. He’s a simple man; he does not use learned jargon, big words. He simply states in simple and ordinary words the extraordinary truth and the ultimate experience.

Freeing oneself from words is liberation. not freeing yourself from the world, not freeing yourself from your wife or your husband, not freeing yourself from your money or your house but just freeing yourself from words. And certainly your real world is nothing but words.

What is a wife other than a word? Once she was not your wife; suddenly one day some stupid priest starts chanting mantras that he does not understand - nor do the people who are being married know what is meant by the whole ritual that is going on.

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