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Chapter 10: Me, Enlightened?

People live by labels.. Drop all labels from your being and drop labels from others’ beings. Look at people as they are, don’t bring labels. Then we will have a better humanity, a more human humanity.

The last question:

Each day you get more and more crazy. In the daytime when I think of you, I start laughing and think what a crazy, beautiful master I have. Osho, I just love you.

Just a crazy joke for you:

Karpinsky went to Rabbi Roth for advice. “Rabbi,” he said, “I am ruined. I am a salesman, a respectable married man, but my life is ruined.”

“What happened?” asked the Rabbi.

“I was in Mobile, Alabama, coming home from dinner in a restaurant, and this big black man dragged me by the neck and said to me, ‘You are gonna suck me off you mocky son-of-a-bitch, or I am gonna bust your head.’ Rabbi, I am ruined!”

“No, no,” said the Rabbi. “The Talmud rules that a man can do anything but spit on the Bible to save his life.”

“No, Rabbi, I am ruined,” moaned Karpinsky. “I liked it!”

Enough for today.