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Chapter 3: The Science of the Inner Soul

Can you think of the stupidity of it? A poor man simply dies one time. There is no need to kill him seven hundred times. For what is all this nuclear arrangement being made?

There is a certain madness behind it. The madness is that the politician can live only if there is war. In his autobiography, Adolf Hitler has made many significant statements. One of the statements is that if a politician wants to be a great hero, a great historical figure, then the only way is to create a great war. Without war you don’t have heroes.

Just think of all your heroes, they have been created by war: Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Nadirshah, Tamerlane, Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill.And what have these people got, except that they lived at the time of a great war? The war brings them to the pinnacle of their glory. And your whole history is full of these idiots.

If we have any sense we should completely stop studying this kind of history in the schools and universities.

Can’t you study beautiful people, creative people? We have produced great musicians. We have produced great scientists. We have produced great poets. We have produced great painters. Our history should remember them. Our history should remind us that they are our real forefathers, not Genghis Khan, not Tamerlane, not Nadirshah. These are accidents, and they should not even have a place in the footnotes of history books. They should be simply ignored. They were mad people and there is no need to go on studying them and creating the same kind of desire in the new generation.

The priests are also in a deep conspiracy with the politicians. It is a thousands-of-years-old conspiracy: the priest protects the politician; the politician protects the priest. It has to be understood.

For example, in the East the priest has been telling the people, “You are poor because in your past life you have been doing evil acts.” He has convinced people. When you go on saying the same thing again and again for thousands of years, it leaves an impression deep in the minds of people. Not only does it impress the people, it even impresses the priest himself!

It is a very strange psychological phenomenon.

I am reminded of an anecdote..

A journalist died. He reached directly to the door of paradise and knocked on the door. A small window opened and the doorkeeper said, “Forgive me, we have a certain quota for journalists which is complete. We need only one dozen journalists in paradise. In fact, even they are useless, because nothing happens here - no news.”

Just remember the definition of news: when a dog bites a man, it is not news; when a man bites a dog, it is news. And naturally in paradise there is no news.

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