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Chapter 5: To Be One Again

The animus loves life. The anima seeks death. All sensuous desires and impulses of anger are effects of the anima. But the pupil understands how to distill the dark anima completely so that it transforms itself into pure light.

But the alchemy consists in understanding these two principles in each of you - man or woman - and in transforming the anima, the dark part in you, into the light part; in helping the dark part to move, in helping the dark part help the light part and not to fight with it.

If your anima can help your animus that is real marriage, the inner marriage. Then you start becoming integrated, then your light is no more shallow - it has the depth of darkness; and your darkness is no more dark - it has the light of lightness. Then anima and animus melt into each other. And when they melt utterly, the world has disappeared, you are again one. And to be one is to know God, to remain two is to remain in the world. And the secret, the experiment, has to happen within you; it has nothing to do with the outside world.

Inside you these two principles are constantly in fight. Call them life-death, darkness-light, man-woman, X-Y - whatsoever you will - but these two principles are there, continuously in fight. And that is your anguish, your misery, your hell.

Let them become friends. Let your energy circulate in them, not against each other. Let them come closer to each other. Let there be an inner orgasm, an inner intercourse between the woman and the man. That’s what in Tantra is called yuganaddha, the meeting of the man and woman within you. That is real Tantra. The meeting of the man and woman on the outside is just an introduction.

Sudha leads the Tantra Group. That is just an introduction. The real Tantra has yet to begin. She is just preparing you. The real Tantra group will soon start when I see that now you are ready to go in and meet there with your inner woman and inner man. When I see your outer interest is no longer so strong as to keep you out, is no longer so binding on you - the chain is broken - then the real Tantra group will start. I am waiting for the new commune to happen, because the new Tantra group will need a totally different kind of climate, a totally different kind of atmosphere.

This is the greatest experiment that a man can go through. And this experiment releases in you cosmic ecstasy, total orgasm.

Enough for today.