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Chapter 7: Intelligence Is Meditation

Mind, intellect, and the formed contents of that mind are It,
so too are the world and all that
seems from It to differ,
all things that can be sensed,
and the perceiver, also dullness, aversion, desire and enlightenment.

Like a lamp that shines in the darkness of spiritual unknowing,
it removes obscurations of a mind
as far as the fragmentations of
intellect obtain.
Who can imagine the self-being of desirelessness?

There’s nothing to be negated,
nothing to be affirmed or grasped;
for It can never be conceived.
By the fragmentations of the intellect
are the deluded fettered;
undivided and pure remains spontaneity.

If you question ultimacy with the postulates of the many and the one,
oneness is not given,
for by transcending knowledge are sentient beings freed.
The radiant is potency
latent in the intellect,
and this is shown to be meditation;
unswerving Mind is our true essence.

The Tantra vision is a direct approach towards God, towards reality, towards that which is. It has no mediators, no middlemen, it has no priests. And Tantra says the moment the priest enters, religion is corrupted. It is not the devil who corrupts religion, it is the priest. The priest is in the service of the devil.

God can only be approached directly. There is no via media. You cannot go via somebody else because God is immediacy, God is herenow, already surrounding you. Within, without, only God is.

There is no need to find somebody to help you to find God. You are already in it, you have never been away from it. Even if you want to, you cannot be away from it. Even if you make all the efforts, it is impossible to go away. There is nowhere else to go, and there is nothing else to be.

Tantra is not a religion in the ordinary sense because it has no rituals, it has no priests, it has no scriptures. It is an individual approach towards reality. It is tremendously rebellious. Its trust is not in the organization, its trust is not in the community; its trust is in the individual. Tantra believes in you.

I have heard..

It happened in a Billy Graham revival meeting - a guy was collecting donations and then he started to split with the money. Two policemen caught him redhanded; they brought him to Billy Graham. Naturally Billy Graham was very angry and said to the man, “This money belongs to God, and what were you trying to do? Trying to cheat God?”

The man said, “Sir, I took the money in an effort to get closer to God-by eliminating the middleman, of course.”

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