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Chapter 41: Tantric Methods for Awareness and Non-Judgment

But this is dangerous for society. That is why Tantra was suppressed. This is dangerous! Nothing is immoral, nothing is moral; nothing is pure, nothing is impure. Things are as they are. A real tantrika will not say that a thief is bad; he will say that he is a thief; that is all. And by using the word thief there is no condemnation in his mind. This “thief” is just a fact, not a condemnation. If someone says that “Here is a man who is a great saint,” he will say, “Okay! He is a saint.” But there is no evaluation in it. He will not say, “He is good,” he will say, “Okay! He is a saint and that man is a thief,” just like this is a rose and that is not a rose, this tree is high and that tree is low, night is dark and day is light - but without comparison.

But this is dangerous. Society cannot exist without condemning one thing and without appreciating the other - society cannot exist! Society exists on duality. That is why Tantra was suppressed. It was thought to be anti-social, but it is not. It is not! But that very attitude of non-duality is transcendental. It is not anti-society, it is transcendental; it is beyond society.

Try this. Just move in the world without any values, just with natural facts: someone is this, someone is that. And then, by and by, you will feel a non-division within yourself. Your polarities will be coming together, your “bad” and your “good” will be coming together. They will merge into one, and you will become one unity. There will be nothing as pure, nothing as impure. Know the reality.

The purity of other teachings is an impurity to us.

Tantra says that “What is basic for others is poisonous for us.” For example, there are teachings which are based on non-violence. They say violence is bad, non-violence is good. Tantra says that non-violence is non-violence, violence is violence; nothing is good and nothing is bad.

There are teachings which are based on celibacy - brahmacharya. They say that brahmacharya is good, sex is bad. Tantra says sex is sex, brahmacharya is brahmacharya. One is a brahmachari and one is not. But these are simple facts, no values are attached to them. And Tantra will never say that brahmacharya is good - the celibate is good - and that the one who is in sex is bad. Tantra will not say that. Tantra accepts things as they are. And why? Just to create a unity within you.

This is a technique to create a unity within you, to have a total existence within, undivided, non-conflicting, not opposed. Only then is silence possible. One who is trying to move to some place against something can never be at peace. How can he be? And one who is divided within himself, fighting with himself, how can he win? It is impossible. You are both, so who is going to win? No one is going to win, and you will be at loss because you will dissipate your energy in fighting unnecessarily. This is a technique to create a unity in yourself. Allow valleys to disappear; don’t judge.

Jesus says somewhere, “Judge ye not so that ye may not be judged.” But this was impossible for the Jews to understand, because the whole Jewish conception is morality oriented: “This is good and that is not good.” Jesus in his teaching, “Judge ye not,” is talking in terms of Tantra. If he was murdered, crucified, it is because of this. He had a Tantra attitude - “Judge ye not.”