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Chapter 20: Ordinary Love and the Love of a Buddha

So do not be deceived by ideas and do not take ideas and beliefs for experiences. That is why Tantra always starts with the body - because that is a fact. You have to start from the body because you are in the body. And that too is not right. When I say you are in the body, that too is not right. As far as you are concerned you are the body, not in the body. You do not know anything about what is in the body, you know only the body. That experience of something beyond body is still far away.

If you go to metaphysicians, to theologians, they are going to start with the soul. But Tantra is absolutely scientific. It starts from where you are, not from where you can be. Starting from where you can be is absurd - you cannot start from where you can be, you can start only from where you are.

Tantra has no condemnation against the body. Tantra is a total acceptance of things as they are. Christian theologians, and those of other religions also, are condemnatory, against the body. They create a dualism, a dichotomy, that you are two. And the body is the enemy, the evil for them, so fight with it. This duality is basically wrong, and this duality will divide your mind into two and will create a split personality.

Religions have helped the human mind to be schizophrenic. Any division will divide you deeply, and you will become two, or you will become many. And everyone is a crowd of many divisions, with no organic unity and with no center. You are not an individual as far as the meaning of the word is concerned. The word means indivisible: individual means indivisible. But you are just divided into many things.

Not only are your mind and your body divided, your soul and your body are divided also. The nonsense has gone so deep that even the body is divided: the lower body is evil and the upper body is good. It is stupid, but it is there. Even you yourself cannot feel at ease with your lower body. Some uneasiness creeps in. There is division and division and division.

Tantra accepts everything. Whatsoever is, is accepted wholeheartedly. That is why Tantra could accept sex totally. For five thousand years Tantra has been the only tradition which has accepted sex totally, the only one all over the world. Why? Because sex is the point where you are, and any movement is going to be from the point where you are.

You are at the sex center; your energy is at the sex center. And from that point it has to move up, far beyond. If you reject the center itself, then you can go on deceiving yourself that you are moving, but you cannot move. Then you are rejecting the only point from where movement is possible. So Tantra accepts the body, accepts sex, accepts everything. And Tantra says, wisdom accepts everything and transforms it; only ignorance rejects. Only ignorance rejects - wisdom accepts everything. Even a poison can become a medicine, but only through wisdom.

The body can become a vehicle to that which is beyond body, and sex energy can become a spiritual force. And remember, when you ask, “what are the reasons that the body is given so much importance in Tantra? Why do you ask? Why?

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