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Chapter 15: Session 15

Fourth, Ajit Sarasw.Ajit Mukherjee. He has done a great service for Tantra. I am going to include his two books.

Fourth: Ajit Mukherjee’s The Art of Tantra, and fifth, his other book The Paintings of Tantra - or perhaps The Tantra Paintings. The man is still alive, and I have always loved him for these two books, because they are masterpieces - the paintings, the art, and the commentaries he has made on the paintings. His introductions are immeasurably valuable.

But the man himself seems to be just a poor Bengali. Just a few days ago he met Laxmi in Delhi. He came to see her and confessed that he wanted to give his whole Tantra collection to me. He must have had one of the most valuable and richest collections of Tantra paintings and Tantra art. He said to Laxmi, “I wanted to give it to him because he is the only man who will be able to understand it and know the meaning of it, but I was too afraid.” He said, “Just to be associated with him in any way may create trouble for me, so I finally donated my whole collection of a lifetime to the Indian government.”

I have loved these two books - but what to say about this man: Ajit Mukherjee or Ajit Mouse? Such fear! - and with such fear is it possible to understand Tantra? Impossible! What he has written is only intellectual. It is not, and cannot be, of the heart. He has no heart. I know even a mouse has a heart as far as physiology is concerned - but it is not a heart, it is only lungs. It is only man who has something more than lungs.a heart; and the heart grows only in the climate of courage, in love, in adventure. What a poor man! Still I appreciate his books. The mouse has done a tremendous work. These two books will always remain of immense significance to Tantra, and to seekers of truth. But forget and forgive Ajit Mouse - I mean Ajit Mukherjee.

Please remember that I am not against you, Ajit Mukherjee, nor anybody else. I am not an enemy to anybody in the world, although there are millions of people who regard me as their enemy. That is their business; I have nothing to do with it. Ajit Mukherjee, I love you because you have served Tantra well. Tantra needs many scholars, philosophers, painters, writers, poets, so that the ancient wisdom can become alive again, and you have helped a little.

Sixth - this is the book I have always wanted to talk about; it is even scheduled for my morning talks in English. I have already spoken on it in Hindi and it can also be translated. The book is by Shankaracharya - not the present fool, but Adi Shankaracharya, the original one.

The book is one thousand years old, and is nothing but a small song: “Bhaj Govindam moodh mate - O Idiot..” Now, Devageet, listen carefully: I’m not talking to you, that is the title of the book. Bhaj Govindam - sing the song of the Lord - moodh mate, O Idiot. O Idiot, sing the song of the Lord.

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