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Chapter 4: Tao Tantra

Day by day, slowly, slowly, you lose all sexual interest in her. You become auto-hypnotized with your own idea. The day you lose all sexual interest in her body and you can look through and though her and her body is no longer a thrill, her body is not even seen at all, she becomes luminous, she is just a presence only then does the master allow you to make love to her. Now love will have a totally different quality. There is no sex involved in it, no attraction involved in it, no physicality involved in it. It is absolutely spiritual - a meeting of two souls.

But it is a long process. Many rituals, many prayers, many yantras, many meditations are needed. After years of training you come to the point where the woman is no longer a woman to you, she has almost become a mother - “motherhoodness” has arisen. You have projected that motherhoodness on her. You see her breasts but they no longer provoke any sexuality in you, only the idea of a mother. You see her body and you start feeling that you are part of her body just as you were part of your mother. It is recreating the mother. And it is a long process. Tantra is very procedural, ritualistic, and a great experiment in hypnosis, auto-hypnosis.

And it is a great experiment in getting rid of the idea of sex. It is not sexual at all, as is commonly misunderstood. It is a totally different attitude not sexual at all. It is very prayerful. And when you make love to a woman after you have become an adept in Tantra and the master has allowed you.. It has to depend on the master’s agreement, it does not depend on you. When the master sees in your eyes that all sex has disappeared, that your body has become almost asexual, he sees that now you are standing before the woman as a small child, unaware of sexuality - you are naked, she is naked but you are not at all interested in sexuality - when the master confirms it, when he gives you a signal, then you are allowed. It depends on the master. He has to watch, watch carefully. It takes months, sometimes years, to prepare for it.

Tao has its own Tantra. The first thing: Tao never divides into the lower and the higher, that is the beauty of it. The moment you divide reality into the lower and the higher you are getting schizophrenic. The moment you say something is sacred and something is profane you have divided. The moment you say something is material and something is spiritual you have divided, you have split reality. Reality is one. There is neither matter nor spirit. Reality is one. It expresses itself in many forms: on one level as matter, on another level as spiritual. The spiritual is not higher and the material is not lower - they stand on the same level. That is the Taoist attitude. Life is one. Existence is one. It is a tremendous oneness and there is no evaluation.

The first thing in Tao is to drop duality. Sex is not lower and samadhi is not higher. Samadhi and sex are both expressions of the same energy. There is nothing laudable about samadhi and there is nothing condemnable about sex. The Tao acceptance is total, absolute. There is nothing wrong about the body and there is nothing beautiful about the spirit - they are both beautiful. Devil and God are one in Tao, heaven and hell are one in Tao, good and bad are one in Tao - it is the greatest non-dual understanding. There is no condemnation and no preparation. To prepare for what? One has simply to relax and be.

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