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Chapter 8: Putting Shoes on a Snake

The first question:

Can one believe in Tao, not interfering with other people’s lives, accepting what is now, and by profession be a psychotherapist? What, or how, is a Tao way of doing therapy?

It is from Punem.

It is of tremendous significance.

The first thing: “Can one believe in Tao.?”

Tao does not depend on belief. You cannot believe in it. Tao knows no belief system. It does not say “Believe.” That’s what other religions do. Tao is the dropping of all belief systems. Then arises a totally new kind of trust - trust in life. Belief means believing in concepts. Concepts are about life. Trust is not concerned with concepts. Trust is immediate, direct, in life; it is not about life. Belief is far away from life. The stronger the belief, the greater the barrier. Tao is neither a belief nor a disbelief but the dropping of all beliefs and disbeliefs. When you drop all beliefs and disbeliefs and you are immediate, in contact with life, a trust arises, a great “yes” arises in your being. That “yes” transforms, transforms totally.

So the first thing you ask: “Can one believe in Tao.?” No, it is not a belief. Don’t approach through the door of belief otherwise you will reach into a philosophy, into a religion, into a church, into a dogma, but you will never reach into life. Life simply is. It is not a doctrine preached by somebody. Life is simply there all around you within and without. Once you don’t look through words, concepts, verbalizations, it reveals to you; everything becomes so crystal clear, so transparent. In that transparency you are not separate from it; how can you believe in it or disbelieve in it? You are it. That is the way of Tao: to become Tao.

The second thing: “Can one believe in Tao, not interfering with other people’s lives.?” Once you have stopped interfering with your own life, you have stopped interfering with others’ lives. If you continue to interfere with your own life, you are bound to interfere with others’ lives. That is just a reflection, that is just a shadow. Stop interfering with your own life, then suddenly all interference disappears because that is absurd. Life is already going where it needs to go, why interfere?

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