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Chapter 9: Lovers of Tao

And further on he says that Dhamma is not fixed; Dhamma and Tao are exactly equivalent. If Dhamma is not fixed, how can you follow it? You can follow a thing which is dead and fixed, but Tao is a living phenomenon. It has no scripture, it has only a deep, personal intimacy which is handed down, hand to hand, from master to disciple. The same is true of Zen. It is a transmission, invisible to outsiders, because it is a heart meeting another heart, joining in a dance, falling into the same rhythm.

You cannot call these people followers. I cannot call my people followers because there are no rules to follow. You are not here to follow a certain doctrine, as Christians are doing in churches, you are here simply to experience your own self. It is easier when there are so many people engaged in the same search of their inner reality. It creates a magnetic field. In that magnetic field it is easier for you to relax, it is easier for you not to doubt. It is easier for you to enter into yourself, seeing that so many people are entering; there is no fear.

Tao is an energy field which is being transferred from master to disciple. And the moment it is transferred, the disciple becomes a master in his own right. Now he has his own field of energy. Energy is invisible; only its effects are visible. You can see light, but you cannot see electricity. Have you ever seen electricity? These lights are just the effects of electricity. Electricity can do a thousand and one things, but nobody has ever seen it and nobody will ever see it.

Energy is not something to be seen, but only felt. Have you seen love? You may have seen lovers - even that is very difficult - but to see love.You yourself may even be in love - you can have a subtle feeling of a great change in your behavior. You walk differently, your eyes have a different gleam, you smile in a more understanding way, you relate with other people with grace - but these are all effects. One can act all these effects without having love at all.

I have heard: Mulla Nasruddin’s wife drags him to a movie house. And in the picture which is shown the hero hugs and kisses the heroine so gracefully, so sweetly, that immediately Mulla Nasruddin’s wife turns to him and says, “You never do that to me.”

Mulla Nasruddin said, “You don’t understand - he is paid. Am I paid?”

But the wife was also a rare personality. She said, “Paid or not paid, you don’t know that in real life also they are husband and wife.”

Mulla said, “My god! If in real life also they are husband and wife, then he is a great actor. I can certify that he is a great actor.” Showing so much sweetness to one’s own wife - who has ever heard of it?

You can act. People have acted as if they are enlightened, knowing perfectly well inside that it is just acting. But followers are not possible. Gautam Buddha is reported to have said, “Watch me, feel me, but don’t follow me.” You have to find your own path alone. And that is a great beauty, that your enlightenment will be fresh and virgin, not second hand.

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