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Chapter 1: Here It Is.

And he went to the psychoanalyst. And the psychoanalyst looked at him - not at him, really, but around the room - and said, “So you say you see double things - all four of you?”

He used to see four things instead of one!

Our psychotherapists, our psychoanalysts are far more madder than the mad people. This is really a big madhouse, our earth! And we have made it a madhouse.

A wife called the psychiatrist in great agitation. “Doctor, doctor!” she cried. “Since this morning my husband is convinced he is a horse!”

“Don’t worry,” answered the doctor, “your husband is a jockey. This could just be a momentary professional deformation. Bring him to me - I will be here for the next two hours.”

“Thank you, doctor!” exclaimed the woman, relieved. “I will be there in a minute. I just need to saddle him and we will come at a gallop!”

Because all are mad, not to be mad becomes very difficult. That’s why Jesus suffered, Socrates suffered, Buddha suffered. These are the people who are not mad.

Now this man, Nan Chuan, is bound to suffer in a world which lives for goals, for great ideals. Such a man is bound to suffer because he says:

“The ordinary mind is Tao.”

The very effort to be extraordinary is the effort to become insane. Sanity is Tao. To be sane is to know what Tao is, to be sane is to be in Tao. If you are not experiencing Tao, that simply means in some way or other you are insane. But because everybody else is also like you, you will not feel it. To become sane amongst these insane creates trouble. Suddenly you become alone, suddenly the crowd is against you. Suddenly you see nobody agrees with you, everybody disagrees with you. You are bound to be killed, murdered, stoned, poisoned, because the crowd will not tolerate your existence.

But all these people who have known truth have seen this simple fact: that just to be ordinary is enough, nothing else is needed.

That’s my approach here. I am not giving you great ideals.

Just the other day Akam had a question that some of my sannyasin has dropped sannyas in Holland and has become a follower of a Hindu mahatma who claims that he knows the secret of immortality - physical immortality. The way Akam has written the question is such that I feel that Akam also feels attracted.