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Chapter 5: A World inside You

In modern societies, in advanced countries particularly, the attraction is disappearing for the simple reason that men and women are coming so close to each other, they are becoming almost similar. They dress alike, they both have started smoking, they both drink, they both behave in the same way, they both use the same language. The Liberation Movement has contributed much to this nonsense.

The Women’s Liberation Movement is teaching women all over the world to be just like men - strong, rough, aggressive. They can be aggressive and they can be rough, but they will lose something immensely valuable: they will lose their feminineness. And the moment they become just like men they will not be mysteries anymore. This is something new happening in the world; it has never happened before.

The wise sages of the ancient days always made it clear to the old societies: make men and women as distinct as possible. Nature makes them distinct, but culture also should help them to be distinct. That does not mean that they are not equal; they are equal but they are different, they are unique. Equality need not mean similarity; equality should not be misunderstood as similarity. Similarity is not equality. And if women start becoming like men they will never be equal to men, remember.

The Women’s Liberation Movement is going to do some very deep harm to the women’s cause in the world, and this will be the harm: they will become carbon copies of men, they will have a secondary kind of existence. They will not be real men because they cannot be naturally so aggressive. They can pretend, they can cultivate aggression, they can be rough, but that will be just a facade; deep down they will remain soft. And that will create a split in their being, that will create a schizophrenia in their being. They will suffer from a dual personality and they will lose their mysteriousness. They will argue with men with the same logic. But they will be like men and they will become ugly. To be unnatural is to be ugly; to be natural is to he beautiful.

I would like them to be equal to men, but the idea of similarity should be dropped. In fact, they should become as dissimilar as possible; they should keep their uniqueness intact. They should become more and more feminine, then the mystery deepens. And that is the way of existence, the way of Tao.

Only one modern psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, had some insight about this Taoist approach. He was the only one in the West who had pondered over and studied Taoism deeply; he introduced Taoism in his psychology, and he brought Taoism up to date. If you want to understand Taoism it will be good to understand Carl Gustav Jung and his understanding about Taoism; he was moving along the right lines. But after his death that work stopped. He had taken only a few steps - because Taoism is a vast ocean - he had moved in the right direction, but the work has stopped. It has to be deepened. Many more people have to work to make the insight modern because the language is old and sometimes the old language becomes a barrier.

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