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Chapter 18: Wakefulness Is Awareness

The answer is:

What you say is true. This is how he attained enlightenment. He had to drink milk before he could become a buddha. But there are two kinds of milk.

This is something that you cannot go beyond. I used to think there is a limit to stupidity, but there is none. He says:

But there are two kinds of milk. That which Shakyamuni drank wasn’t ordinary impure milk but pure dharmamilk.

Not just ordinary milk - religious milk! And what is religious milk? Nobody has ever heard about it. People have heard about powdered milk, and all other kinds, but dharmamilk? How can milk be religious?

The three bowls were the three sets of precepts. And the six ladles were the six paramitas. When Shakyamuni attained enlightenment, it was because he drank this pure dharmamilk that he tasted the fruit of buddhahood. To say that the Tathagata drank the worldly concoction of impure, rank-smelling cow’s milk is the height of slander. That which is truly-so, the indestructible, passionless dharma-self, remains forever free of the world’s afflictions. Why would it need impure milk to satisfy its hunger or thirst?

On the one hand, we have seen Bodhidharma saying again and again, in many sutras, that your intrinsic being is always pure, there is no way to make it impure. And now, to become aware of your self-nature - that’s what buddhahood is - you need a very special kind of milk, dharmamilk. He gives the whole description for how this dharmamilk is created.

The sutras say, “This ox doesn’t live in the highlands or the lowlands.”

The first thing to remember is that it is not a cow because a cow is a woman, female, and you cannot expect dharmamilk from a female. Dharmamilk comes only through males. You should send this sutra to Morarji Desai; it supports his ideology. He is drinking the dharmamilk every day.milking and drinking and milking and drinking his own milk. I think he has attained more virtue than any buddha!

This ox is not a mistake, because before this, he has used the word cow. When he is condemning the milk he is saying, To say that the Tathagata drank the worldly concoction of impure, rank-smelling cow’s milk. So he knows perfectly well the difference between cows and oxen.