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Chapter 30: This Chair Is Empty

John came to wake me up. As I was getting ready in my bathroom, suddenly I heard sounds as if bombs were being exploded. I could not believe what was happening. Those police people started throwing rocks at the windows, at the glass, at the doors - they were destroying.. and they had dynamite, and they were threatening, “We will dynamite the house.”

They could not wait for five minutes for me to put my clothes on, wash my face and come down. They were in such a hurry.five minutes more and Christianity will be destroyed, morality will disappear, no woman will remain a virgin - just in five minutes; and I am in my bathroom!

And then I was sitting unnecessarily in their jail for almost seven hours. They could not wait for five minutes, and I had to sit there unnecessarily for seven hours. These are the people who are running democratic governments.

I told the man, “I came here to see who are the people who poisoned Socrates, and I am not disappointed - I have seen them.”

Just one thing I have not been able to see, and that is Delphi. It is now in ruins, but once it was one of the greatest temples in the world, ruled completely by wise women. And only the genius ones were going into trances and saying things about the past and future. And whatever they were saying was going to come true.

It is not prediction, it is simply their vision. It is not prophecy, it is not astrology. It is simply the height of their consciousness, that they can see a far bigger horizon.

The science has to be revived, but it can be revived only on the grave of the Christian church.

Hotei is remembered by the fireworks in his pockets at his funeral. Was your greatest joke the enlightenment list, or do you have something more devilish up your sleeve?

I will not tell you right now.

Milarepa, you will have to wait for it!