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Chapter 14: Respect Your Heart

If, when you see an ox, the idea comes into your mind that it is naked, then your mind is sick. There is some sort of a sickness inside you, you are not healthy. Otherwise this would not occur to you. And if you were really healthy, then even to see a human being naked would not trouble you. But if you are sick, then even an uncovered chair will pose a problem for you. That is just a sign of your sickness.

You can make laws to make sure that animals are covered with clothes, that even the chairs are covered, but the mind which is active in all this is going against nature. And this mind will weave even more webs. This mind is losing courage, it will become a criminal.

There was a time in this country when we made temples such as you see in Khajuraho, Puri, Konark and Bhubaneshwar. They must have been very courageous, magnificent people - fully accepting the ways of nature. Outside the temple walls they carved naked figures; naked men and women making love. Just imagine - carving naked statues of men and women having sexual intercourse, and that too on the temple walls. They must have been very brave people to have done so, splendid people. Such an acceptance of life: that even their temples were within the realms of nature. The outside temple wall was consecrated to nature, and God resided within the inner wall.

The builders of the temples of Khajuraho and Konark believed that as long as the outer walls held a fascination for you, you could not enter the inner sanctum. So first, you should satisfy your curiosity with the outer walls, you should meditate on the naked figures. The day you found that those walls no longer held any fascination for you, the day you could pass by without giving them so much as a glance - as if the figures did not exist at all - you would know that now you had the right to enter the temple, now you could enter. But you would not be able to enter if you tried to avoid the outer walls. Even if you did enter, your mind would still be fixed on the outer walls, your mind would continue to feed on them.

And there is no need to suppress your interest either. The carvings of naked figures making love on the outer walls must have been the work of amazing psychologists; they must have possessed a very deep understanding of life. But later on, a weakness took hold of this country and then a long, impotent era followed. India became a slave, and this took away all our courage. The sad result of all this was the proposal of Mahatma Gandhi and Purshottam Das Tandon to bury all these temples under clay, because they thought it was dangerous for them to be seen.

Those brave people who carved these statues, who fully accepted the ways of nature are one kind. And another kind is these weak people. Covering them up is a sign of weakness. If you want, you can cover up the statues of Khajuraho, you can even destroy them, but how will you destroy man’s very nature? You cannot. You can make use of man’s nature but you cannot destroy it.

Always remember one law: no energy can ever be destroyed. It is impossible. It can only be transformed. Your nature can transform and become godliness, but it cannot be destroyed.

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