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Chapter 39: Your Mind Is Not Yours

This repression of sex by all the religions has helped the pornographic literature of the world - magazines like Playboy - to be read more than anything else. Now Playboy is published in almost all languages, and there are many magazines of the same kind.

When I was in jail in America, in the first jail I was surprised: every inmate had a Bible, and one inmate who was just next to me, every day ritually in the morning, in the evening, would put his head on the Bible, kneel down on the floor - the Bible on the bed, his head on the Bible - and pray. He looked really pious.

But I asked him, “This is very beautiful, you are doing good, but why do you have all over the room these pictures of naked women that you have cut from magazines? and not a single picture of Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ among all these nudes would have looked very beautiful.”

He was shocked he said, “I never thought about it. I am a very devoted Christian, a fundamentalist.”

I said, “You must be a fundamentalist; otherwise how to explain all these pictures? For these pictures to exist, a fundamentalist Christian is absolutely necessary. Don’t be worried! They are not contradictory, they are complementary. It is a conspiracy between the churches and the people who are exploiting your mind.”

My whole effort has been how to make your sex a natural, accepted phenomenon, so there is no repression - and then you don’t need any pornography; so that there is no repression - and then you don’t dream of sex. Then the energy can be transformed. There are valid methods available through which the same energy that brings life to the world can bring a new life to you. That was the whole theme of the book. But nobody bothered about the theme, nobody bothered about why I have spoken on it. Just the word sex was in the title, and that was enough.

That word has created so many rumors that I am really amused! People are thinking that we are having sexual orgies the whole day. People really have imagination! Just because out of four hundred books, on one book the word sex has appeared in the title, their imagination has moved so far away. But it reflects their mind; it has nothing to do with me.

In Khajuraho, the Indian temples, the most famous temples in the world, there are thirty temples; perhaps it would have taken thousands of years to make those temples. As sculptures they are just the best; you cannot create better.

But the sexual postures are so absurd that you cannot even imagine. Absolutely all kinds of postures that man - sane and insane, whoever! - has imagined are there: men are making love to animals, a man and a woman are standing on their heads and making love. Have you ever imagined.? But why has this happened? - and these people must have worked hard! Repress anything and it will take pervert proportions.