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Chapter 3: Osho!

He was the president of the conference and he wanted me not to speak at all. I had to tell the one hundred thousand people who had gathered for the conference that if they want me to speak, they should raise their hands, so that the Shankaracharya could see whether people want to hear me or not. When he saw a hundred thousand hands raised in favor of me, I said to him, “This cancels you as a president. I don’t care now about you. The people who are here want to listen to me, you go and jump in any well that you want to.”

Since then he has been angry - twenty years! If he comes here, it will be a delicious moment for you all. But he has to come with the negative AIDS certificate. And that he cannot bring, because it will be below his dignity even to ask for his blood to be checked, he is such an egoist. But these egoists have been dominating humanity for centuries, and still they go on dominating.

Rather than arresting him, the government has arrested those two hundred harijans who were trying to enter the Nath Dwara temple. The government’s act is absolutely unconstitutional. The constitution gives equality to everybody as a birthright. If the government wanted to be legal and constitutional, then the people, the priests of Nath Dwara and people like the Shankaracharya who were preventing the entry of harijans, they should be arrested. But what an irony! Those poor two hundred harijans have been arrested to protect the vested interests of the higher, richer Hindu society.

I am simply amazed at why harijans go on remaining part of the Hindu society. For ten thousand years at least they have been exploited; they are the most exploited and oppressed part of humanity. They should get out of Hinduism, there is no need of any “ism”; they don’t have to be Hindus. It is so undignified that the Hindu scriptures deny them.they cannot read scriptures; the Hindu scriptures deny them - they cannot worship in the temples. The Hindu scriptures even deny them to touch Hindus. Not even their shadow should touch any Hindu; otherwise the Hindu has to take a bath to cleanse himself.

And still those poor people go on remaining part of Hindu society. It seems to be a certain conspiracy between the Hindu priests and the government, that the priests are out protecting their temples and the harijans, who were trying.what harm could they have done? Just worshipping in the temple.and if a Hindu temple is not allowing a certain section of society, then certainly that section should separate itself from such humiliation.

And Hindus will know only when the harijans separate, because they are one fourth of Hindu society and they serve the ugliest causes and purposes. Once they leave the Hindu fold, then the Hindus will understand: who is going to clean their toilets, who is going to kill and murder and butcher animals, who is going to make shoes, who is going to clean the streets? All that is ugly has been imposed on harijans.

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