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Chapter 8: Will-to-Power: The Cancer of the Soul

I said, “Your master is right, because from the fifteenth I can see him trying to reach to the sixteenth, but he goes on slipping, it is very slippery - this is the last. The poor fellow goes on falling - I know him.” These stupid people! But, in the name of religion, it is the same will-to-power. You will find it very refined in the poets, in the painters, in other artists, singers, dancers - but it is the same.

So I am not against the politicians, I am against the will-to-power, because the will-to-power is nothing but ego projection, and that is the greatest barrier between you and existence. The bigger ego you have, the farther away you are from existence. If it is not there - the meeting, the merger.

But I will not tell you to drop the ego. I am fully aware how cunning the ego is. It can even play the game of dropping itself, and you can say, “Look, I am the humblest person in the world, the most egoless.” It has come in from the back door again; now you are the humblest, the most egoless - but you have to be somebody special and extraordinary.

I only say to you: if you try to drop it, it will come in from the back door. Just try to understand its games, that’s enough. Just try to see how many games it can play, in how many ways it can deceive you. Just be alert. And if you are aware of all the possible ways of the ego, it disappears just like darkness disappears when you bring a lighted candle in, and you start looking with the candle where the darkness is. You go on looking, and wherever you go it is not, wherever you go it is not.

When the light is there, the darkness disappears. It is not that darkness escapes; darkness does not exist at all. It is only an absence of light.

Ego is just like darkness; it has no existence of its own. It is only the absence of awareness. So I don’t say drop the ego, I say watch it. Be watchful, observe it - and you will find it in so many layers that you will be surprised. The politician is a gross egoist. The saint may be a very subtle egoist. He is in more danger than the politician, because the gross can be caught very easily. I know both. I know the grossest politician and I know the subtlest saint, and I know all the categories in between. I have met all these people.

My whole life’s work is to find out the basic problem of humanity. And once we know the basic problem of humanity, it is not difficult at all to dissolve it. In fact, in the very finding it dissolves, because your awareness becomes a light unto itself.

I cannot say I am a messiah, I cannot say I am the avatara, because I know those are subtle ego games. All that I can say is: I am just as ordinary as anybody, or as extraordinary as everybody.

In existence, the smallest blade of grass has the same significance and the same beauty as the greatest star. There is no hierarchy. There is nobody higher, nobody lower.

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