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Chapter 4: Stop and See

Emptiness removes the burden of thought. Just as a man must leave his burden on the plain before climbing the mountain, one must be free from the burden of thought before setting out on the expedition to truth. The lighter a mountain climber is, the higher he will be able to climb. In the same way, one who wants to climb the mountain of truth will scale heights in direct proportion to his weightlessness, to his emptiness. Those who aspire to that ultimate peak, the divine, must reach that ultimate emptiness where their being becomes non-being. It is in the profound depths of emptiness where the absolute heights are born and the music of being is created out of non-being. And then one realizes that nirvana, cessation itself is the attainment of the brahman, the divine.

Truth is unknown. How can it then be known by thoughts which are a known thing? The effort is altogether absurd. There is no path that leads through the known to the unknown. The known cannot take you to the unknown. It is neither logical nor possible. The known can only revolve within the circle of the known. No matter how hard one thinks within the realm of the known there is no possibility of going beyond it or above it. It no doubt has movement but it is a circular movement, like that of a bullock yoked in a press. It will cover the same ground again and again without going anywhere.

So far nobody has ever reached the truth by thinking. Those who have reached that destination have gone through some other door. I do not consider Mahavira, Lao Tzu, Buddha or Jesus as thinkers. None of their attainments is the result of thinking. Then how did they reach? It was not by walking along the path of thinking but by taking a jump away from it. You cannot reach the unknown by walking along the beaten path of the known. It is a jump from the known that takes you into the unknown.

Try to understand the meaning of this word jump. Get to know this jump well. You too have to take it. You are at the level of thinking. You are standing in thought, you are living in thought and you have to take a jump from there into the realm of thoughtlessness. You have to jump from thoughts into a world where there is nothing but silence. You will have to jump from word - which is sound - into silence. Will this be possible just by thinking about this jump? Are you going to think about how to take the jump? No, that will be nothing but yoking yourself again to the wheel of thought and that won’t take you anywhere.

Don’t think - wake up! Wake up to the process of thought. Look at the circular motion of thought. Simply watch. And watching this way you will find that at some moment the jump has happened without any effort and that you are in the bottomless depths of emptiness. If somehow you can leave the shore of the known you will find that the sails of your boat have opened spontaneously on the ocean of the unknown. And what a joy it is to sail like this, to sail on the ocean of the unknown! How can I describe it?

Your restlessness does not allow you to see. Eyes that are filled with restlessness cannot see. Whether they are filled with tears of sorrow or tears of joy makes no difference. Eyes that are filled with anything cannot see the truth. To see the truth, eyes that are empty are needed. Only an eye that is like a mirror, with nothing of its own in it, can see that which is everything.

It happened in a village. Someone asked me how to find God. I asked him, “Have you found yourself and so now you want to set out to find God?”

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