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Chapter 10: The Ostrich Argument

In logic it is called the “ostrich argument.” The ostrich has a tendency: whenever he comes against an enemy and knows that death is certain, he simply puts his head into the sand. He lives in the desert, eyes closed, head in the sand. He is perfectly happy because he cannot see any enemy anywhere.

But this does not eliminate the enemy; in fact it makes the enemy more powerful. Now this ostrich is not going to do anything to escape, to fight, to negotiate, to do something. Now there is no question: he is simply available as food. And ostriches are eaten by their predators without any fight, because the ostrich is living with the idea that, “I don’t see any enemy here.”

This “ostrich argument” is widespread around the world today. Nobody wants to see the reality - that you are sinking, that all your values are false, that all your civilization is hypocrisy, that all your smiles are just exercises of lips and there is no heart in it, that you have forgotten to live, to love, to laugh, that you don’t know what life means at all. You go on clinging because there is nothing else, there is no alternative.

I am being prevented because I can give you the alternative. I can show you that this is not the only way a society can exist, this is not the only way that a marriage can exist, this is not the only way that children can be brought up, this is not the only way that governments should function. There are alternative ways.

But even to hear of the alternative, they are afraid. The message should not reach to the young - because the young are bound to be affected by the news that there is an alternative, that you need not remain in this misery, continuously fighting, killing human beings unnecessarily.

Now Libya is destroying American bases. America cannot remain silent: it will start destroying Libya - not only its military bases but its civilians. It is a small country, but Libya knows that if America starts to destroy the civilians, the whole East - particularly the Middle East - will be on Libya’s side. And behind the curtains will be the Soviet Union.

So if America has guts, it is not going to start a fight with Libya, which would be very unbalanced - Libya has nothing with which to fight against one of the greatest nuclear powers. But Libya has the assurance of the Soviet Union: “Don’t be worried, Libya is just a facade, just a front.” And once these two powers start fighting, they cannot resist using nuclear weapons; it is impossible.

The government of England is not afraid of this. The government of England should have prevented America: “This is not a right beginning; this is not conducive to the public good. This will lead more and more into war. Don’t take the first step; otherwise the last step will not be far away.” But they would prefer to have a third world war rather than change the human mind.

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