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Chapter 4: The Three Jeweled Rings

Somebody asked Meister Eckehart - a really religious person - “When Jesus says ‘Ask and it shall be given’ why don’t people ask? If it is just for askings sake, why don’t people ask? If he says seek and ye shall find, and he says only knock and the doors shall be opened unto you, then why don’t people knock?” Eckehart laughed and he said, “For two reasons first you may ask and it may not be given to you, so people don’t want to be frustrated; second, and a deeper reason, you may ask and it may be given to you. That is more frightening.” That’s why people don’t try. They simply pay lip-service And you know, the whole world seems to be religious in a way people go to the temple to the mosques, to the churches They read the Bible, Koran, Gita, they recite the Vedas, they do mantras, but still there seems to be no religious consciousness at all The earth is surrounded by a very, very dark cloud of unconsciousness. There seems to be no light. The night seems to be utterly dark, not even a single star.

You have to be very, very aware of this, because you can do the same as people have been doing down the ages.

Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism - they are not true religions. They are pseudo, counterfeits. Christ is true, Christianity is false. Buddha is true, Buddhism is false. Buddhism is created by us, Buddha is not created by us; but we create Buddhism according to our needs, according to our ideas, according to our prejudices. We create Buddha, we create Buddhism, we create a myth of Buddha. The real buddha is not created by us. The real buddha comes into existence in spite of us. He has to fight to be! He has to find ways and means to exist. He has to find a way to get out of the prison that we call the society. But once somebody has become awakened, we gather around him and we start spinning and weaving a system around him which is all of our own making. It has nothing to do with the person at all. The stories that are told about Buddha are untrue; so are the stories about Christ. The real person is lost. We create such mist, such dust around, that nobody can see the real person. That is the work of the theologians.

For two thousand years Christian theologians have been creating such dust that it is impossible to see Jesus. He is completely lost in their logic-chopping, in their theories, they have created Himalayas of words. Nobody is bothered about who this main really is, what his message is.

The message is very simple, it is not complicated. The message is not that you should worship Jesus or Buddha. The message is that you should become a Christ or a Buddha - less than that won’t do. Don’t become a Christian, become a Christ. If you have any respect for yourself become a Christ, don’t become a Christian. Become a buddha don’t become a Buddhist. No ‘”sm” can contain Buddha, no church can contain Christ. But the human heart can contain Buddha. Only the human heart can contain him, because the human heart is as infinite as the existence itself. Don’t worship him outside. If you have understood Buddha, respect yourself! Feel reverence for your own being; that will be reverence towards Buddha. If you have understood Christ, start looking inwards - you will find him there. He is not outside, not in the churches. He is in the innermost core of your being.

If religion really happens in the world there will not be religions but only a kind of religiousness, a suffused light, a quality, indefinable - just as love is or awareness is; a different quality of consciousness. And the time for it has come. And when the time for a certain idea comes, no force in the world can prevent it.

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