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Chapter 28: Beyond Mind and Heart

Sometimes the first bee will not find flowers. Again she will dance. It is very difficult for us to make out the difference between the two dances. No bee will come out, and no bee will go in any direction - she has communicated that there are no flowers around. Not a single word has been uttered, and with our very sophisticated instruments we have not been able to see the difference between the two dances. To us, they look absolutely the same, but there must be a difference because all the bees have understood.

Silence is not only the absence of words and thoughts; silence is a living music, a dance, a song that is not composed of words. That is the way of the heart.

If you are in deep love with someone, the hearts will start a deep communion of which the mind will never become aware, because the mind cannot understand silent messages. It cannot understand a music that is arising without instruments, and it cannot understand the dance which cannot be seen - but another heart has the capacity.

This is the secret of the East: just sitting at the feet of your master, nothing is said, and everything is conveyed. The mind is not even aware that a great communication, a communion, is happening.

But still, the silence of the heart, although a great step toward self-knowledge, is not in itself self-knowledge; it simply opens the door for the road that goes to self-knowledge.

You would know in words. This is absolute nonsense. No mystic anywhere in the world will agree with this - that you will know in words what you have always known in thought. This is how philosophy functions, but not mysticism. Philosophy is nothing but words and thoughts; mysticism is a totally different world, a different dimension.

You would touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams.

That’s where poets go on missing. They are hypnotized by their own words, and they hypnotize millions of people by their words, which are nothing but lullabies.

You would touch with your fingers. Can you think of anything more nonsensical? - self-knowledge is touched by your fingers? It is reduced to an object. And if you can touch it with the fingers, you can drag it out and show it to others too. If fingers can touch it, then the fist can carry it out and convince everybody that, yes, you have a soul. But who will do this? Is the soul in your hands? The body cannot in any way know its own interiority, because it does not belong to the body. Your soul simply lives in the body - the body is nothing but a house.

Not only will you be able to touch - this statement becomes so absurd - you will be able to touch even the naked body of your dreams! Dreams don’t exist. Dreams are only non-existential desires which you have not been able to fulfill.

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