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Chapter 40: The Spiritual Proletariat

In China people eat snakes and it is thought to be a delicacy. Just their head is cut off, which has the poison gland, then the whole body is prepared as a vegetable. Nobody else in the world can think of eating a snake, but you do other things on your part. You can eat other animals without ever thinking that they are also participating in the same life. Just as you want to live, they also want to live. And to kill them just for your taste which is such a small thing.just at the back of your tongue there are a few buds that taste.

You can have plastic surgery, and then you won’t taste anything; you can eat anything you want, it will all be the same. Just for those few taste buds, people are killing all kinds of animals - and they laugh at each other!

I don’t think there is any animal which is not being eaten somewhere or other. Even the dirtiest animals who live on man’s defecation - they are also eaten. All that is needed for the mind is a continuous conditioning so it becomes thicker and thicker, and you slowly forget that you are separate from it. You become it. That’s exactly the problem.

Avirbhava has asked the question.

Meditation is the only method that can make you aware that you are not the mind, and that gives a tremendous mastery. Then you can choose what is right in your mind and what is not right in your mind, because you are distant, an observer, a watcher. Then you are not so much attached to the mind, and that is your fear. You have completely forgotten yourself; you have become the mind. The identification is complete.

So when I say, “Be silent. Be still. Be alert and watchful of your thought processes,” you freak out, you become afraid. It looks like death. In a way you are right but it is not your death, it is the death of your conditionings. Combined, they are called your mind.

And once you are capable of seeing the distinction clearly - that you are separate from the mind and the mind is separate from the brain - it immediately happens. Simultaneously, as you withdraw from the mind you suddenly see that the mind is in the middle; on both sides there is brain and consciousness.

The brain is simply a mechanism. Whatever you want to do with it, you can do. Mind is the problem, because others make it for you. It is not you, it is not even your own; it is all borrowed.

The priests, the politicians, the people who are in power, the people who have vested interests don’t want you to know that you are above mind, beyond mind. Their whole effort has been to keep you identified with the mind because mind is managed by them, not by you. You are being deceived in such a subtle way. The managers of your mind are outside.

Ask a Hindu, “If you believe that the cow is your mother, we have no objection, but why is the bull not your father?” and immediately he is ready to fight.

One of India’s richest men was Jugal Kishore Birla. Hearing about me, reading my books, he wanted to see me. I said, “What business could he have with me? But there is no harm.” I was passing through Delhi and I met him.

He said, “I am ready to give as much money as you want. I can give you everything that is needed if you go around the world to spread Hinduism and particularly the idea that cow slaughter should be stopped.”

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