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Chapter 13: Sweet Fruits

One who never knows any difference through intellect between jiva, the embodied soul, and Brahman, or between Brahman and nature, the creation, is called a jivanamukta, the one who is liberated while living.
Respected by the good or insulted by the wicked, one who ever remains in equanimity is called a jivanamukta.
For the one who has known the Brahman essence, this world no longer remains the same as before. If it is not so, he has not known the Brahman state of being and is still an extrovert.
As far as happiness etcetera are experienced, it is called prarabdha, accumulated past action-impressions; because the arising of any fruits is from actions in the past. There is no fruit anywhere without action.
Just as the dream activity ceases upon waking, similarly, past actions accumulated over billions of eons dissolve instantly upon one’s knowing: “I am Brahman.”

A few more indications about the inner state of a jivanamukta, the one liberated while living. The jivanamukta is one who has known death while still living. As it is, death is known by all, but only at the time of dying. That too cannot be called the knowing of death because just in the moment of dying the mind becomes unconscious. So we never know our own death, we always know only the death of others. You have only seen others dying, you have never seen yourself dying. Thus even our knowledge about death is borrowed. When someone else dies what do we learn from this? We know that he has lost his speech, his eyes cannot see, his pulse has ceased, and that his heart has stopped. We just know that the body mechanism has ceased to work, but we do not know anything about what happened to the one that was hidden behind the body mechanism, or whether there really was anything hidden behind or not, or whether that hidden being is saved or not.

Death happens within, and all we are able to see is its symptoms on the outside. How can one know death by seeing others dying? We too have died many times, but we have never been able to see ourselves dying because we had become unconscious before dying.

So you may see many persons dying, but you never come to believe that you too are going to die. Have you ever believed that you too will die? Many people may start dying every day, the whole cemetery may become full of them; some epidemic may spread and you will see dead bodies everywhere - still one always feels that only others are dying. You never feel within that you are also going to die. Even if such an awareness of death comes it remains only on the surface, it never enters deep within. Why? Because we have never seen our own death, we have no experience of it, we have no remembrance of death. However much we may think backwards in the past we never come to find that we have died before. So something that has never happened in the past, how can it happen in the future?

All the calculations of mind are based on the past. Even when the mind thinks of the future it thinks only in the language of the past. What has happened yesterday, that alone can happen tomorrow - with a little difference here and there. But what has never happened before, how can that happen tomorrow? This is why the mind is never able to believe in death. And when death in fact happens the mind is already unconscious.

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