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Chapter 2: The Head, the Heart, the Navel

It is very necessary for the child to remain close to his mother’s breasts long enough for his mental, his physical and his psychological growth to take place rightly. Otherwise his heart center will not develop properly: it remains immature, undeveloped, stuck. And when the heart center remains undeveloped then an impossible thing starts happening: the work which the heart could not complete, which the navel could not complete, the person tries to complete with his mind. This effort brings even more trouble, because each center has its own function and each center can only do its own work; it cannot do the work of other centers.

Neither the navel nor the mind can do the work of the heart. But as soon as the child is separated from the mother he has only one center left on which the whole burden falls - this is the mind center. Education, teaching, schools and colleges are all arranged for the mind center. Then only those people whose minds are more developed and capable make progress in life. A race begins, and they attempt to do all the work of their lives with the mind.

The love of a person who loves through his mind will be false - because the mind has nothing to do with love. Love can only happen through the heart, not through the mind. But the heart center is not properly developed so you start using the mind. You even think about love! Love has nothing to do with thinking, but in you even love is expressed as thinking. That is why there is so much sexuality all over the world.

Sexuality has only one meaning: it means that the mind is being used to do the work of the sex center. When sex enters the mind the whole of life is destroyed - and now all over the world sex has entered the mind.

The sex center is the navel, because the greatest energy of life is sex: birth comes through it, life comes through it, the growth of life comes through it. But your navel centers are undeveloped so you are using other centers for its functions.

There is sex in animals but not sexuality, so even the sex of animals has a beauty, a joy.

The sexuality of man is ugly because sex has become a thought process in his mind - he even thinks about sex.

A person can eat a meal, eating is very good, but if someone thinks about food for twenty-four hours a day then he is mad. Eating is absolutely right, it is very necessary, one has to eat, but if somebody thinks about food for twenty-four hours a day then this person’s centers have become disturbed - he is using his mind to do the work of his stomach. But food can neither reach the mind nor can the mind digest it. The mind can only think, can only contemplate. The more the mind thinks about food the more the work of the stomach will be wasted; it will become disturbed. Try sometime to digest your food by thinking!

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