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Chapter 17: Several Stop Techniques


Roam about until exhausted and then, dropping to the ground, in this dropping be whole.

The same! This technique is the same. Roam about until exhausted. Just run in a circle. Jump, dance, and run again until you are exhausted - until you feel that now not a single step more can be taken. But you will have to understand that your mind will say that now you are completely exhausted. Do not pay any attention to the mind. Go on running, dancing, jumping. Go on! Do not pay any attention. The mind will say that now you are exhausted, now you cannot go on any more. Continue until you feel - not think, until you feel - that the whole body is tired, that “A single step more has become impossible, and if I move I will fall down.”

When you feel that you are falling down and now you cannot move, that the body has become heavy and tired and completely exhausted, Then, dropping to the ground, in this dropping be whole. Then drop! Remember, be so exhausted that dropping happens of itself. If you continue, you will drop. The point has come - you are just on the verge of dropping. Then, the sutra says, drop, and in this dropping be whole.

That is the central point in the technique: when you are dropping, be whole. What is meant? Do not drop just according to the mind - that is one thing. Do not plan it; do not try to sit, do not try to lie down. Drop as a whole, as if the whole body is one and it has dropped. And you are not dropping it, because if you are dropping it then you have two parts: you who is dropping it and the body which has been dropped. Then you are not whole. Then you are fragmentary, divided. Drop it as a whole; drop yourself totally. And remember, drop! Do not arrange it. Fall down dead. In this dropping be whole. If you can drop in this way, you will feel for the first time your whole being, your wholeness. You will feel for the first time your center - not divided, but one, unitary.