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Chapter 5: Meditation and the Paths to Inner Awakening

Those nine months in the womb are the whole of evolution compressed. One begins just as an amoeba, the first primitive cell. One begins in just the same situation as the amoeba had to begin in seawater. The womb contains the same chemical conditions as the seawater. The womb water, in which the cell swims, has the same components as the seawater - exactly the same.

In the womb evolution begins again. Of course, it is a miniature evolution. But the whole thing has to begin again, because the cell has a memory. It cannot work otherwise. It will again go through the same process. The time will be short: the amoeba had to pass through millions of years; then it was able to come onto the earth from the sea. This cell - this egg cell within the womb - will pass through within a week. But in those seven days there will be the same evolution, compressed from millions of years, and the same stages. Those nine months are compressed evolution, and the cell has a built-in program.

So in a way, your body is the whole of evolution: in a very compressed atomic state, the body has a memory of its own. One who desires or longs to be in meditation will first have to understand his body memory - the physiological memory. Do not fight with it. If you begin fighting you are taking a wrong step. You will be more and more disturbed. Be cooperative - there is no other way. Let the body be completely at ease. Do not create any tension between you and the body. Your real fight is not with the body, not with the body memory, but with ego memory - your psyche, your mind. And that is another thing - completely different. So do not fight with the body.

When we fight with the body, we never have time to fight with the mind. And if we begin to fight with the body, it will go on and on. It will be suicidal, it will be destructive. It will just sow seeds of its own defeat. One is bound to be defeated - a single cell fighting the whole humanity, fighting the whole being? That is impossible.

So do not take bodily memories as your memories. For example: hunger is a body memory. You can fight with it, but to win will be very difficult, very arduous - nearly impossible. If you win, your victory will be your total defeat, because if you can win over your hunger you have taken a suicidal step. Within ninety days you will be dead. Even the body will not indicate to you that now it is time to feed it. So it is good that you never win over it, otherwise it will be suicidal. Then between you and your body memories there will be no bridge. That is the only way to win - but you are not winning really, you are going to murder yourself.

So there are methods which can break the bridge between you and your body. There are methods - many hatha-yoga methods to break the bridge. The body goes on crying ”Hunger, hunger, hunger!” but you never know it. The bridge is broken. The body goes on but you never know about it. You become insensitive to it. Never practice anything which makes your body or you insensitive - because meditation is total sensitivity.

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