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Chapter 6: Love and Happiness

Remember, sleep is not a state of mediation. Many psychologists think that when the mind is empty, that when there is no object in the consciousness, that one is in the state of sleep. This is a mistake; this is the result of thinking without experimentation. When the consciousness is asleep it may be free from attachment to objects, but this does not necessarily mean it is empty of them. To set one’s consciousness free requires so much work and such conscious effort that it becomes impossible to sleep afterwards. Then, only pure consciousness remains.

There are three stages in the process of mediation; detachment from the objects in the mind, awareness of the thought currents of the mind and finally, retention of the understanding of the mind. With detachment from the objects of the mind, their impressions stop forming; with awareness of the currents of the mind there is gradual slowing down of their development. Only when these two stages have been achieved and one is able to retain the understanding of the mind is there the possibility of self-realization.

The point of origin of a thing is also its point of dissolution. No matter what something’s origins are, its dissolution is innate within it. It is inherent in its very nature. Meditation is the dissolved state of mind. Just as the waves ultimately disappear into the ocean, the mind dissolves into the universal consciousness.

The center of the mind is the ego. When the mind dissolves, the ego is released and what remains, what is experienced, is the soul.

People ask me what non-violence is every day. My answer is that non-violence is knowledge of the self. If you come to know yourself you will know the essence of man. This awareness gives birth to love, and it is impossible for love to inflict pain. This is non-violence.

The ego is at the core of one’s ignorance of the self. All violence is born there; it is born within the ego. A man feels that he is everything and that the rest of the world exists for him alone. He sees himself as the center, as the focal point for all existence. The exploitation that is born of this egoism is what violence is.

Love is the center of self-knowledge. And when the ago dissolves, love is perfected.

There are only two states of consciousness that exist - the state of the ego and the state of love. The ego is the narrow state, the seed-form, the atomic stage; love is all encompassing, love is God. The center of the ego is I; the ego exists for itself. The nectar of love is the universe. Love exists for all.

The ego is exploitation; love is service. And the service that flows from love, freely and spontaneously, is non-violence.

Begin to meditate. Practice it faithfully so that your life can be filled with the light of wisdom. And when there is light within you, love will flow from you and spread itself far and wide. Love is the highest flowering of spiritual growth, of spiritual attainment. Those who die without experiencing love have perished without experiencing life.

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