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Chapter 24: Beyond Experience

It is better not to use drugs because sometimes they can give you certain experiences, and that’s the problem. They can give certain experiences, but once you have them this way, it is very difficult to reach them naturally - without drugs - and to have an experience is not the basic thing; to grow through it is the basic thing.

You can have an experience through the drug, but you don’t grow. The experience comes to you; you don’t go to the experience. It is just like a beautiful dream. It is good, there is nothing wrong in it, but the wrong in it is that by and by you think that this is the real thing; then you miss something.

It is as if you have seen the Himalayas in a vision - beautiful as far as it goes, but it goes not very far. You remain the same. By and by if the vision becomes your reality, you are losing something because you will become addicted to it. No, it is better to go to the Himalayas. It is hard; it is a long journey. Drugs make it too short. They are almost violent; they force something premature. The experience through drugs is almost abortive. It is an abortion; they force.so it is better not to. It is better to go the long way because only through struggle you grow. An integration arises in you; you become crystallized.

That’s the real thing - experience is irrelevant. The real thing is growth. Always remember that my whole emphasis is on growth, not on experiences. Experiences can be had through many ways. You can have them through drugs; you can have them simply through shaktipat - through somebody else’s power - but that’s not good.

And to ask for experiences means you are still in the mind. The mind is always asking for more and more experiences, more new experiences; it is infatuated with experiences - and we have to go beyond the mind.

So the real spiritual dimension is not the dimension of experience. In fact there is nothing to experience. Only you - not even you, just pure consciousness with no limit, with no object to it, just pure subjectivity, just being. Not that you experience beautiful things; you are beautiful but you don’t experience beautiful things. You are tremendously beautiful but nothing happens. All around is tremendous emptiness. Spirituality has nothing to do with experiences; that’s why drugs can never be spiritual. If you understand the point then no technique is spiritual, because all techniques will give you experiences.

The pyramid too?

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