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Chapter 22: A New Kind of Religiousness

Once you take all the chemicals out of man - and this is scientifically proved, that a man can be changed into a woman just by a change of hormones. Strange! If the man can be changed into a woman just by injecting hormones, then his manhood was nothing but hormonal. If a woman can become a man just by changing her hormones, her womanhood was nothing special; it was hormonal, a chemical by-product.

There are hormones which can be taken out of you and then you cannot be angry. Then saying, Don’t be angry, drop your anger.. And for centuries and centuries man has been preached to from every pulpit, from every religious preacher: “You have to drop anger.” But how can a man drop anger? - those chemicals are there. First you have to take those chemicals out.

That’s what Marx is saying. Just take those chemicals out and then tell the man to be angry - and he cannot be angry. Just take all his sexual chemistry out of him and then tell him to be sexual; it will be as difficult for him to be sexual as it is now for him to be celibate. And just by sermonizing you are not going to change his chemistry, because your sermons have nothing to do with chemistry. His chemistry remains his chemistry, his physiology remains his physiology: your sermon just goes into his memory system. That is a computer, that collects things, that’s all.

Do you think a computer can be a celibate or a playboy? A computer can be neither. But you can program the computer for celibacy, feed it all great teachings about celibacy, and the computer will be able to repeat them. You can feed the computer all great romantic ideas, great love affairs, and the computer will be able to repeat them. But the computer cannot become a Romeo or Majnu. Perhaps one day it may be possible that you make a feminine computer. That means you feed the computer the information that “you are a woman, a very beautiful woman,” and you feed another computer the information that “you are a man, a very great man; all the women around are mad after you.”

Perhaps, if you can manage to feed two computers in this way, they may fall in love. But you will know that this is all nonsense. The one computer will repeat what you have told it - the woman, very shy, saying no and meaning yes. The other computer may repeat great dialogues like the great lovers of history - the great Majnu, Romeo, Farhad or Mahival; these are the great lovers of history. You may not even prompt the computer; once you have fed in the information, he will repeat the dialogue. And this is exactly what your mind goes on doing, there is no difference.

It is a very strange discovery, that the mind functions absolutely as a computer. And they have experimented with the mind by touching certain centers with electrodes. And strangely enough as you touch a certain spot the man starts saying certain things. You take the electrode off, the man stops. You put the electrode back and the man starts from the very beginning again - the same! He is just like a gramophone record.

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