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Chapter 6: The Taste of Eternity

And the master immediately said, “This is it!”

It happened so unexpectedly - the disciple was taken unawares. He was not waiting for this to happen, that the master would suddenly throw the brick into the pond, and the splash.

Basho has a beautiful haiku:

The ancient pond.
The frog jumps in.
The sound.

That’s all. The sound can awaken you.

Meditation is not a question of effort because all effort is going to be through the mind, of the mind, by the mind. How can it take you beyond the mind? You will go round and round IN the mind. You have to wake up! Mind is sleep. Mind is a constant process of dreaming, desiring, thoughts, memories.

You ask me:

“Please explain how I can meditate over something without using my mind.”

Can’t you see something just with your eyes? Can’t you watch something without bringing your mind in? The birds chirping, this silence. What need is there of the mind? It is a question of watchfulness not of concentration.

But it is not only your problem, it is the problem of millions of people who become interested in meditation all over the world. They all mistake concentration for meditation. Concentration is something of the mind. It is being taught in the schools, colleges, universities. It has its uses - I am not saying it is useless. It is focusing on a certain object.

In science it is needed. You have to focus your mind on a particular object totally so that you can observe deeply. You have to exclude everything else, you have to break it out of everything else. You have to narrow down your consciousness; you almost have to make a pinpoint of it That’s a scientific way as far as the objective world is concerned.

But as far as the subjective world is concerned it is of no help, not at all. There you are not to focus your mind on anything - on the idea of God or on some inner light, flame, love, compassion - you are not to concentrate at all; you have to be simply aware of all that is.

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